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TIDAL Unplugged Kicks Off One Million Dollar Artist Grant Program in Detroit Starting March 1, 2019.



As we say ourselves – THE NEW MOTOWN IS HERE! Now Tidal is putting their money where their mouth is establishing a brand new one million dollar artist grant program to help struggling artists reach the next level! The best part of it all though? They are kicking off the Tidal Unplugged program right here in DETROIT! That’s right if your a Detroit area based artist who could use a little help reaching the next step in your musical career & you believe you have what it takes to do so with that extra little push than today is your day! Be sure not to waste any time & click here to apply now!

Once again if your ready to take your music career to the next level that submission link is right here:

Read the full official press release from Tidal themselves below for more information about the program, & good luck!


TIDAL Unplugged, One Million Dollar Endowment, Launches to Support Emerging Musicians

With Support From Donors, Artist Grant Program Kicks Off in Detroit, MI on March 1, 2019

(New York, NY – February 21, 2019) Today, global music streaming and entertainment platform TIDAL along with Mark Lampert & Robert Nelsen have announced the launch of TIDAL Unplugged, an unprecedented million dollar artist grant program dedicated to building emerging artists’ careers. Funded by a generous donation from Mark Lampert & Robert Nelsen, TIDAL Unplugged will kick off in Detroit, where Lampert’s grandfather started his musical career. Local artists will have the chance to submit their music through TIDAL to receive part of the million dollar grant.

As an artist-owned platform built with the goal of creating a sustainable music industry and empowering artists, TIDAL supports talent helping to bring their artistic visions to life. TIDAL Rising is a key pillar of the platform’s mission to showcase emerging talent. TIDAL Unplugged is a realization of Lampert and Nelsen’s desire to provide artists with the means to pursue their dream. Both have a long history of philanthropy outside of their venture capital endeavors and supporting TIDAL Unplugged is a personal touch point as music has always been a passion.

The artists chosen will each work with the TIDAL Unplugged team to create a personalized program aimed to cover resources needed to further their musical career. The grant can cover living expenses, equipment, studio time, and more as well as access to expertly guided recording and creative resources. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity allows aspiring musicians to chase their dreams as well as dedicate more time and energy to pursuing a career as an artist. Beginning March 1, 2019 Detroit residents can apply on Artists from all genres are encouraged to submit, but music must be performed acapella or acoustically and must not rely heavily on digital elements. The finalists will be announced in May. Following a pilot run in Detroit, TIDAL aims to expand the program into other markets.

“The TIDAL Rising program is incredibly special to everyone at TIDAL – from the interns to the artist-owners — we recognize the power of streaming and the importance of supporting and encouraging emerging musicians,” said Jason Kpana, TIDAL SVP of Artist Relations. “Being able to expand  the program to support musicians in an authentic and substantial way is truly an honor.”

Working with TIDAL and utilizing the resources provided, the finalists will develop and finish four songs for distribution. Once the tracks are complete, they will exclusively premiere on TIDAL and receive promotion through its TIDAL Rising program. Artists will maintain 100% ownership of recording masters. As part of TIDAL’s mission to support rising artists with unique opportunities to grow their fan bases, the finalists will perform their songs in a TIDAL Unplugged showcase in November.

Since inception, TIDAL Rising has spotlighted up-and-coming musicians with documentaries, playlist features, performance opportunities and more. From Ari Lennox performing on the TIDAL Stage at Made in America (2017) and Alessia Cara at TIDAL X: Brooklyn (2015), to A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s TBA Tour (2016) and SiR’s “Where I’m From” (2018)  docuseries, TIDAL Rising helps grow Rising artists’ fan bases and get their music heard by more people in more places.


TIDAL is an artist-owned global music and entertainment platform that brings artists and fans closer together through unique original content and exclusive events.

Available in 53 countries, the streaming service has more than 60 million songs and 250,000 high quality videos in its catalog along with original video series, podcasts, thousands of expertly curated playlists and artist discovery via TIDAL Rising. With the commitment of its owners to create a more sustainable model for the music industry, TIDAL is available in premium and HiFi tiers—which includes Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) recordings.

In the US, Sprint customers with the Unlimited Plus plan are able to access a “free-forever” TIDAL membership.  For more information, please visit

About Robert Nelsen

Robert Nelsen is a co-founder and a Managing Director of ARCH Venture Partners. He joined ARCH at its founding and played a significant role in the early sourcing, financing and development of more than 100 companies, including twenty-one which have reached valuations exceeding $1 billion. His seed and early-stage investments include Illumina (ILMN); Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY); Juno Therapeutics (JUNO); Unity Biotechnology (UBX); Hua Medicine (2552:HK); Sienna Biopharmaceuticals (SNNA); Vir Biotechnology; Agios Pharmaceuticals (AGIO); Sage Therapeutics (SAGE); GRAIL; Gossamer Bio (GOSS); Ikaria; Kythera Biopharmaceuticals (KYTH); Receptos (RCPT); Aviron (AVIR); Denali Therapeutics (DNLI); Rubius Therapeutics (RUBY); Syros Pharmaceuticals (SYRS); Sana Biotechnology; KSQ Therapeutics; Beam Therapeutics; NetBot; Bluebird Bio (BLUE); R2 Technology; XenoPort (XNPT); Fate Therapeutics (FATE); Caliper Life Sciences (CALP); Trubion Pharmaceuticals (TRBN); Adolor (ADLR); deCODE Genetics; Array BioPharma (ARRY); Editas (EDIT); IDUN Pharmaceuticals;; Hua Medicine; Fate Therapeutics (FATE); WuxiNextCODE; and Everyday Learning Corporation.

Mr. Nelsen is a director of Vir Bio, GRAIL, Sana Biotechnology, Beam Therapeutics, Unity Biotechnology, Denali Therapeutics, Arivale, and serves as Chairman of Hua Medicine, among others. He previously served as a Trustee of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, the Institute for Systems Biology, and was a director of the National Venture Capital Association. Mr. Nelsen holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.S. from the University of Puget Sound with majors in Economics and Biology.

About Mark Lampert

Mr. Lampert is the founder and General Partner of BVF Partners L.P. (“BVF”), a San Francisco-based, private biotechnology investment firm established in 1993 that manages the Biotechnology Value Fund, L.P. and related entities. Mr. Lampert has been active in the biotechnology industry since 1984, having served on the boards of directors of numerous public and private companies. Prior to forming BVF, Mr. Lampert was a Vice President at the investment banking firm Oppenheimer & Co and the founder of Biotechnology Royalty Corp., aimed at pooling university biotechnology patent royalties. Mr. Lampert was previously employed by Cambridge NeuroScience, G.D. Searle & Co., and the Boston Consulting Group. He is a founding donor to the Lampert-Byrd Foundation and Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mr. Lampert holds an A.B. with honors in Chemistry from Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.


Behind the Scenes with “KILLZ” (Big Proof Story)




I’ve been struggling while deciding what to let you guys read as my first write up here with I’ve decided that I will share a story about myself first to let the readers understand a little more about who I am and the life I have lived in Detroit HipHop. I know so many people in the industry and most are like family so these are some personal memories of my life. This one is featuring one of Detroit’s top emcees @tyfarris.
In 2005 we were both signed to Iron Fist records with our group the Purple Gang and were blessed to tour with the legendary D12 and Slum Village. The tour was packed with Detroit people and we all knew each other and rolled as family as we crossed the country performing every night literally living our dreams. When we hit the streets we were deep and we always made sure everyone was good and nobody would fuck with us cause we were from Detroit and you could just tell we didn’t play that shit.
One day in Rhode Island, out of all places, we get into one of the craziest fights ever and for no reason at all besides defending Detroit. Let me explain Rhode Island to you for the folks who never been. It’s a small state that is the size of most big cities. We had a great show and the whole city was buzzing because the tour was in town. This was the last leg of tour and most of the people who traveled with us were tired or fell back to fuck with some chics, so we weren’t deep when we hit the scene that night.
There was only 4 of us with no security cause we were in Rhode Island, and there is no way we are getting into shit in this town. As soon as we hit downtown people were everywhere because of some black empowerment summit festival and we thought that this was perfect for us to go to. It was me, Proof, Ty, and Dj Salaam Wreck. Salaam had a few chics meet us and they were cold so we like bet we drinking tonight. We hit one bar and got shit popping but if anybody knows Proof, they know we not sitting in one place for too long, so off we go to another bar. As soon as we exited the bar shit went left. There was a group of guys outside maybe 12 of them and they knew the girls we were with. On some shit out of D12 song, one of them runs up but he was on some fan shit. He says I can’t believe it y’all it’s Obie Trice. I’m ctfu instantly cause I know how Proof feels about shit like this. Proof was the fucking man before Eminem blew up and everyone from the city still respected him as such, but out of town was a different story. D12 was triple platinum at the time but there were 6 members of the group and unless you were Bizarre or Em people would mess your name up all the time unless you were their favorite. Proof actually handled this one cool and laughed as well and said naw that ain’t me and we kept going. Dude starts yelling screaming fuck Obie Trice and you a bitch for not signing the autograph. Proof had been in all types of trouble and he didn’t want us to do shit and said let’s go. I looked at Ty and he couldn’t believe it either. Then I thought about it and the chics Salaam had were cold as fuck and losing out on them was not an option.🤣😂😭🤣😂 Ty had this look on his face though like he wasn’t with the giggles this day and said did you hear that Proof…HE CALLED YOU A BITCH. Proof hated being called a bitch and would scrap every time if that shit was said but today he was like let’s go. The next shit sounded like slow motion. FUCK YOU AND ALL THEM DETROIT NIGGAS . Proof looked over and said fuck it go ahead and that’s exactly what we did. I dropped one to the left and Ty dropped two on the right, I saw another guy confused like he didn’t know how we dropped 3 so fast so I clocked his thinking ass and he was down. Ty drops another guy and I see the remnants of Salaam as he had dropped 2 and was sliding another guy across some product table. These niggas couldn’t believe that 3 people had whipped on 8 people So fast and the other 4 started playing peace keeper.
Proof didn’t do a thing in this scrap cause of legal trouble like I told you before so he was with the peace keeping shit as well. Y’all fucked up when y’all said that shit about Detroit. Ty had did this one nigga bad and he was still salt that he was leaking and he grabbed a box cutter and tried to run up again. This shit had Ty heated and he was trying to kill this nigga after that shit. I was laughing so hard cause he so mad and I never seen him go completely crazy like that. He was ready to murder that guy until one of the peace keepers said Obie Trice and them beat y’all ass. Man we were dying laughing as we left.
Moral of the story is , don’t fuck with people from Detroit and never pull a blade on Ty Farris, his face that day still floors me every time. Peace y’all, the anks for looking at a little Detroit history with me.

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Middle Finger Music Cipher Video




Middle Finger Music Squad

Detroit’s Middle Finger Music is back with a brand new cipher video with all 10 emcees in the crew spitting bars over a Blizzard beat. This is the first leak and will be the bonus track on the new Middle Finger Music “Loosies” Vol 1 project dropping this month for free. This Project is produced entirley by Foul Mouth, it features our crew, family and affilaiates. Guilty Simpson, Dj Eclipse, Boog Brown, Ketch P, Fatt Father, Jypsy, Bang Belushi, Bub Rock, Jake Knew, A Minus, V Stylez and More.

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DJ Butter presents “Eat or Get Ate”




Eat or Get Ate artwork

The infamous DJ Butter is at again with his next project EAT OR GET ATE.


1.     Everybody’s A Plate (Theme) featuring Supa Emcee, Lil Supa, Guilty Simpson, Kid Vishis

2.     Bout Dat Action featuring Shorty Thorobred, Big Herk, Alexis Allon

3.     Beast from the East featuring Ty Farris

4.     Don’t I Look Like $ featuring Boldy James, Mox, H.N.I.C. Pesh

5.     Wesley’s Back featuring Wesley Valentine

6.     Max Julian featuring Vito Vely, Seven The General

7.     I Never featuring Eddie Stubbles, Kokane

8.     Dream Cruise featuring Lisa Lovecake

9.     1,2,3 to the 313 featuring Nolan the Ninja, Trey Boogie

10.   Cold World featuring The Bully Boys, Trick Trick

11.   Motor City Nino featuring Trey Boogie

12.   I Getz Buzy On Em’ featuring Kool Keith

13.   Make it Bump featuring Part Time Cooks

14.   U Bubble, We Bubble featuring Clean

Nothing like the golden era of Hip Hop, And “Eat or get Ate” puts us right in its hey day. The entire project is slappin with some of Detroit’s greats gracing the track list. Stand out tracks on the mixtape include “I never” feat Eddie Stubbles and Kokaine, 1,2,3, to the 313 Feat Nolan The Ninja and Trey Boogie, Make it Bump feat Part Time Cooks and Max Julian feat Vito Vely and Seven The General.


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