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Throwback Gems: A.R.E.S. (A Red Eye Smokin’) – “Eye Formation”


I’ll admit, I was late to this one. In this case, it’s certainly better late than never with the welcomed resurfaced greatness in the form of outstanding hip-hop. A.R.E.S. which stands for A Red Eye Smokin’ originally delivered this project in 2014. I’m almost ashamed to say this one slipped under my radar but I’m just happy it didn’t escape my eventual path to finding it. Five years later I enjoy the discovery of this fifteen record Detroit hip-hop gem. You can hear the tremendously talented table work of DJ Los throughout that screams authentic energy blended with true lyricism. The all-star list of lending lyricists includes Konphlict, Guilty Simpson, The Almighty Dreadnaughtz, Alius Pnukki, and more! Whether reuniting with a record that has clearly stood the test of time or being a new stumbler like myself “Eye Formation” is crammed front to back with great listening material worth its time. Enjoy!

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