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Welcome to The Hip Hop Locker Room, our new monthly interview series at Starting the year off right we’ve got our first special guest LAZARUS. It’s been quite the year for the Detroit bred lyricist, who’s been repping for the 313 all across the world alongside the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Accolades include his viral hit “Decapitation Chamber” feat. Ghostface Killah which has garnered over five million downloads worldwide, as well as performing with Wu-Tang at at the legendary Sydney Opera House in Australia. The #LazArmy movement has seen a tremendous amount of growth & as it continues it’s momentum it felt like the perfect time to dig deeper with one of Detroit’s most gifted lyricists.

THE Q & A.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve garnered quite the accolades across your hip hop career ranging from a Discovery channel documentary to unleashing bars in front of an audience inside Russell Simmons own home. Now you’ve got a brand new music video alongside Ghostface Killah for “Decapitation Chamber”. Is there anything still left on your rap career bucket list?

LAZARUS: I just want to keep making good music. It’s been a long journey and I’ve met a lot of my idols along the way, but at the end of it all I want to lay down a legacy and have a catalog of quality work that I can be proud of.

COMMi$$ION:  Speaking of “Decapitation Chamber” in the beginning of the video Ghostface Killah is shown handing over the “keys”.  What did that moment signify to you & how was the experience of working alongside the legendary Wu-Tung Clan member like?

LAZARUS: Ghostface Killah is one of my favorite emcees of all time and he is without question the most aggressive presence on the mic in Hip Hop. To have him say that to me is worth more to me than getting 10 Grammy awards.

COMMi$$ION: You’re not only a rapper but a doctor as well. How have you been able to manage two careers successfully for so long & has there ever been moments you’ve considered abandoning one for the other?

LAZARUS: Doubt has lingered throughout both careers. Because this standard has never been set before, it’s been met with resistance from almost everyone. I had to challenge myself every single day to make this a reality.

COMMi$$ION: As a lyricist in a world of auto tune what drives you to stay true to substance over “dumbing” down and how do you see the industry taking shape in the coming years?

LAZARUS: The current rap scene is trash to me. The standards have lowered so much that subpar emcees are getting praised nowadays. I still sharpen my blades listening to rap music that came out in previous eras. I need substance in my rap.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve been a part of Detroit hip hop scene since the early 00’s championing rap battles over local airwaves all the way to current times collaborating alongside the likes of Royce Da 5’9, Obie Trice, & Swifty Mcvay among others.  Though you currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada you have always stayed true to the 313.  How has Detroit influenced you personally & musically throughout your life?

LAZARUS: Growing up in Detroit and the Detroit Hip Hop scene has molded me to who I am as en emcee. Just as you learn your first language in your early childhood, Detroit was and forever is my stomping ground. Detroit is where I learned to rap, learned to battle and where I honed my skills as an emcee. Being mentored by Royce and D12 has enabled me to be the lyricist I am today.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve been hard at work crafting your next album “Music Is My Medicine”. Outside of a mixtape in 2010 your last album debuted in 2007 with “Chapter One: The Prince Who Would Be King”.  As time has passed & anticipation builds for your new project was there anything in particular you told yourself you wanted to accomplish going into this release?

LAZARUS: I want to release this album when the momentum is absolutely right for it. In the current climate of music, albums are released and then disposed of within 24 to 48 hours. Attention spans are so short nowadays and great music is overlooked because of it. The most effective approach I see now is to release one song at a time with a video and promote it heavy so that it gets the proper promotion and recognition.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve recently taken to the road touring across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand alongside the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. What have been some of the challenges & triumphs during this new journey?

LAZARUS: It’s been a monumental dream-like experience to tour the world with my idols. For them to show me respect and give me guidance on this journey is an indescribable feeling.

COMMi$$ION: Not too long ago you shared a photo from the tour with you rocking a stage in front of 10,000 people. How would you describe what was your going through your head at the moment as you graced the stage?

LAZARUS: It was the biggest rush I’ve ever felt in my life. And the second I got the crowd rocking with me, I knew it was my time.

COMMi$$ION:  Thank you for taking the time out to answer some questions for the readers here at In closing if you could leave fans with only line from any of your records to be etched in their memories which would it be?

LAZARUS: “I’m the sickest, wickedist boogie man like America made of Osama/ Wrap the heads of rap gods around my neck like Anacondas/ Come to take the throne despite your willingness, with honor/ Like Killmonger came to Wakanda to take it from T’Challa/“

So not only did Lazarus get to rock the United States, Canada, & Australia alongside Wu-Tang Clan. He was also a part of a extremely special New Zealand tour date the celebrated the 25th Anniversary of “Enter 36 Chambers“.  A new year is among us, & brand new developments are surely coming from the #LazArmy camp. Until next time, this has been The Hip Hop Locker Room powered by


World Premiere: Semi Six – “Beauty”



Semi Six - "Beauty"

Wasting no time after unleashing his last banger “DIRT” and appearing on the recently released album from super-group “People Under Detroit” (Illadope + L.A.Z of Clear Soul Forces) is some brand new heat from Semi Six. With a deliverance of clean-cut visuals of himself alongside one beautiful lady for accompaniment the aptly titled “Beauty” offers another sampling of the emcee’s refined abilities. It’s a record that has Semi Six doing what he does best as he illustrates with true lyricism in a fashion that had me reminiscing of Nas style-wise while brandishing his own definitive touch in top-notch form. Shot on location at La Casa Cigars and Lounge, located in Detroit’s Harmonie Park take in the views of “Beauty” above and enjoy!

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Big Gov brings us a Nipsey Hussle Tribute “BLUE TEARS” feat Pierre Anthony




Blue Tears

Starting off with a piece of the talk Lauren London gave for the beloved Nipsey Hussle, “STAY 10 TOES DOWN, ITS NOT ON YOU ITS IN YOU, AND WHATS IN YOU THEY CANT TAKE AWAY!

Few artist have the ability to take a situation and write a song that makes you feel like your living it. Thats a gift of a true artist/songwriter. This is one of the many gifts the late Nipsey Hussle possessed. It was only fitting that one of the best artist in Detroit express himself over the loss of NIP!  This wasnt any fanboy song, nothing against those but Gov knew Nip and was inspired by his actions. The words from Lauren sounds like what we have come to know and love about Big Gov. With all the tuff guy ill whoop sombody ass in our music today, its great to see there is some emotion left in Hip Hop. Check out this heartfelt song “BLUE TEARS” featuring Pierre Anthony on the hook.

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Put your hands up for the city of Pontiac! I made a post on my Instagram the other day where I mentioned celebrating the wins of others. Well, this one right here deserves a huge celebration as the team over at Street Gang Productions secured the production behind this certified banger. ILL WILL, METHOD MAN, & BLUE RASPBERRY coming together on one record, needless to say, the replay button might be seeing a fair amount of service with this one. Spreading like wildfire the brand new record has the two legendary emcees sandwiched between the soul spearing vocals of Blue Raspberry in this Pontiac repping 2019 standout! I don’t even have to talk too much on this one, you already know what kind of quality is associated with these artists. Soak in the Shawny Marie visuals of “GOAT” above & get lost in your headphones to this one.

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