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Seven Questions With Sam Austins.



On the verge of his first headlining show at EL CLUB in Detroit, MI on April 7th we caught up with Sam Austins on a mission to discover more about Detroit’s rising star! The singer has been on rampage with hit songs like “Right Here 4 U“, “Fenty“, & “FIJI“.  If you haven’t heard the melodic vibes of Sam Austins I might not be mad at you, so long as you promise to check the gems we’ve got lined up below the interview.

Catch Sam Austins next Saturday at his all ages show featuring opening talent Bevlove, Curtis Roach, & Take A Daytrip.  Now onto the latest feature series “Seven Questions” with our very first & talented guest Sam Austins.

Seven Questions with Sam Austins

Headlining your first event, how does it feel to know you’ve made it to this point—and where would you like to see the future lead?

To be in this position, it’s humbling and just a testament to hard work—but it’s still just the very beginning.

If you had to describe ‘Sam Austins’ to fans in one sentence, what would you say?

Sam Austins is for the culture.

During the creative process, is their any particular influences throughout life that you look back on to get inspired?

I’ll never forget the feeling I had going to the ‘Yeezus’ tour, or being the first to download a loose ‘Drake’ track before “Take Care” dropped. Moments like G.O.O.D Fridays, and discovering Toro Y Moi’s “Anything In Return” for the first time. Playing the video game “Rock Band”, leading as the vocals. These times are what made me who I am today so it comes out naturally without me forcefully tapping in.

Being a young up & comer on the scene, is there anything that worries you about the road ahead?

I wouldn’t say anything worries me but I’m more-so anxious. I’m ready for whatever this path has to offer me and I’m willing to kick down all the doors that they have in front of me, if necessary.

How was teaming up with Take A Daytrip & ‘FIJI’ water—and do you have a lifetime supply of FIJI now?

Clicking up with Daytrip is amazing. Those are my brothers and I love working with them. As for me and ‘FIJI’, we’re not affiliated but I heard some of their people like the song!

If you could collaborate with any one established artist in the future who would you choose & why?

I gotta choose Cudi. I appreciate his artistry so heavily and he helped get me through my high school depression. He’s the GOAT.

And lastly, what can we expect in 2018 for Sam Austins in terms of new music?

I can’t say much but know that I’m coming back harder than I ever have. I have goodies for all. Haha.








Delivering a musical journey of divine proportions JRGotTheHiTS & AiRiN ARTiSAN take us along on their sonic adventure for seventeen meticulously crafted travels.

GOLDEN RATiO” is a musical experience, years in the making, finally being let free to allow you to find the perfect math for your ears. When a record becomes more than just it’s sounds compiled and can create a “feeling” that lasts on you know it’s not your typical listening session.

Seventeen records of relentless creation with features from the likes of K.O.8.i.E., BiLLY FAMOUS, T-Henn, VA88, amongst other eclectic contributions “GOLDEN RATiO” carries its weight in gold. Not the monetary sort of coarse, but that type of gold that brews inside when creations come to life.

A contribution to hip-hop in which its impacts will spread starting here. The wildfire is coming, and this camp has a powerful beginning with “GOLDEN RATiO”. AGiLE SOCiETY manifests lyricism, live instrumentation, & an ability to traverse vibes that pull you in deeper as you listen on.

GOLDEN RATiO” is available on all major music outlets here:

TiRED” featuring T-Henn is the song featured above.

Here is the official artwork tracklisting including all features & production credits.

Album record at @ Studio 221B, Royal Oak, MI

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Detroit is winning, you best believe that. It could not be a better time to be a fan of the real Hip Hop, when what you said was just as, if not more so important than the beat. Repping Inkster Mi Ketch P drops a full length after teasing us with songs and verses over the last year. Gift Certificate is just that. A early holiday gift of pure unadulterated HIP HOP! That is what we have come to expect from one of the hottest music camps to rear its head from Michigan in a long time.

Gift Certificate is free, but its so good you would just feel bad about yourself making some kind of donation. With guest features from Aaron Taylor, Finale, V-Stylez, Bubba Rock, Rim, Isaac Castor, Gypsy, Guilty Simpson and Paradime. Production from UHHA producer of the year winner Foul Mouth, Blizzard, Peace of Mind, Chanes, Simple Cuts, Jimbo Slice, Oso Blanco and Black Bethoven with Cuts by DJ Bet this project is air tight from start to finish.

The single Kareem & Shaq produced by Foul Mouth and Middle Finger Trophies produced by Blizzard gives us a idea of what to expect. Hard hitting neck snapping beats and supreme word play with purpose and a delivery smooth enough to understand every word spoken.  Stand out tracks include 313, Back Outside Feat Finale and V-Stylez, Get the Money feat Isaac Castor produced by Peace of mind hits a little different and not something we get from Peace to often. The Emcees most def did that track right! Death Soup brings 2 of Hip Hops most traveled lyricist Guilty Simpson and Paradime. Feels good to hear Dime lacing tracks again. Welcome back homie! None other than Black Bethoven brings his soulful hip hop production style to the project and gives the album that final piece that can put this in the conversation as one of the years best releases. Ketch fills in any pocket masterfully. Pour up feat Aaron Taylor makes you want to peel the top back spark up that black and mild and ride out!

Its been 6 years! Im glad the brother is back! Could we see him and his Street Justice brothers again soon? Never know…. Time will tell.

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World Premiere: Bizarre – “Leatherface” feat. Hopsin, King Gordy, & Lazarus



World Premiere: Bizarre - "Leatherface" feat. Hopsin, King Gordy, & Lazarus

Prepare yourself for seven minutes of bar for bar terror as a treacherous squad of emcees team up in a record fit for the Halloween season. Bizarre, King Gordy, Hopsin, & Lazarus in that order proceed to tell the tale of “Leatherface” in this dark, gritty, horror full hip-hop serving that emphasizes the treat in trick or treat. Make no mistake though, if this record was in your bag than razorblades are most definitely in play. Each emcee builds off each other as the record pulls you in more and more as it develops and although all four emcees shine we come to an epic finish with Detroit’s own Lazarus giving us a doctor’s twist with some Nutella wordplay that will leave you craving for a replay. “Leatherface” is the perfect Halloween anthem that I can see resurfacing year over year as the horror season approaches.

World Premiere: Bizarre – “Leatherface” feat. Hopsin, King Gordy, & Lazarus

Here is the official artwork from the single as well.

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