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It’s officially 420 & at midnight one particular Detroit artist’s album went live to the world. That artist happens to be DOPEHEAD, one of Detroit’s most talented word weaving lyricists. The Bruiser Brigade member is back from a four year span between records with his latest full length effort “Beautiful Chaos“. The contradictory title intrigues, while the albums first doses in the form of “Sunshine” & “Love Is” entice the listener to dive in. With that, I decided it was time to find out more about DOPEHEAD & his new album so of coarse I asked him 7 Questions.
COMMi$$ION: It’s been four years since the release of your last project “Devil’s Heaven”, bring on 2018 & you’re dropping “Beautiful Chaos” on 4/20. Going into this album was there anything you wanted to be sure you tackled differently during the creation process?
DOPEHEAD: Hell yeah man off top I wanted to do more story telling and show more lyricism bars is life my g
COMMi$$ION: What can fans expect – if it was possible to summarize “Beautiful Chaos’ in one or two sentences what would you tell them?
DOPEHEAD: With this album Beautiful Chaos fans can expect the unexpected !
COMMi$$ION: As a young kid did you always know you wanted to rap, or was there one particular moment that struck you looking back that sealed the deal & began your foray into music?
DOPEHEAD: My family is heavy in music my great grandfather was a singer in a 5 man group back in his day I lucked up and found his record in our house at the time took it to my great grand mother she was looking at me hella shook like you just found the magic next day she gave me a tape recorder and I started freestyling on blank tapes watching mtv shit was the illest I was like 7 but yeah I was always rapping I can say in 93 I was a lil kid and I copped Biggie Smalls ready to die and that shit made my brain explode
COMMi$$ION: iTunes shows a single feature by “Milan Ariel” is this true or can we expect some surprise appearances scattered across the new album & if so any by Bruiser Brigade team mates?
DOPEHEAD: Yes it’s very True Milan Thee Magnificent will be on the album killing shit !she’s super fucking talented and working with her is So Amazing she writes her own music and makes her own beats so Dope that woman Milan Ariel also J-Kidd is on the album dropping flames much love to him Detroit stand up only 2 features !
COMMi$$ION: Outside of music – does DOPEHEAD draw inspiration from any other elements or factors?
DOPEHEAD: Shit man I draw inspiration from breathing Another Day Alive is Another Day To Be Great
COMMi$$ION: On April 22nd you’ll be performing live at GET JXXKY OR DIE 17 in Hamtramck, MI is this the first of many shows to come? Can we expect a tour to pair along with “Beautiful Chaos”?
DOPEHEAD: Yes it’s the first of many to hit The Sanctuary and it’s about to be wild !! Get Jxxky Or Die Parties Go Stupid but’s it’s all about putting on for the city and giving artist a stage and platform to talk dat shit ! And I’d love to kill stages solo on TOUR so if they watching DOPEHEAD KILLS STAGES !
COMMi$$ION: Lastly, we got two video gems in the form of “Sunshine” & “Love Is” what was the inspiration behind these videos & if you could create a visual for any of the remaining songs on the album which track would you pick for the video treatment?
DOPEHEAD: Well with the Sunshine video I wanted to show off my city and let ppl get a view of what I see you feel me like let them get that real Detroit street shit ! And with the Love is Video the inspiration was bars I wanted ppl to sit , listen and watch BARS

Thanks for checking out this edition of 7 QUESTIONS. Join me next time as I dive in for more questions! In the meantime DOWNLOAD/STREAM: DOPEHEADBeautiful Chaos” now! – COMMi$$ION




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