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“PONTIAC” the hidden GEM. Over 30 artist featured!



Detroit is what most people know when you say Michigan, but its not the sole spot that the hip hop culture comes from. Although it has its heavy influence on the cities around it like Inkster, Pontiac, Ypsilanti, and a little further out to cities like Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint and Saginaw Michigan is like a “TASTE FEST”  for music.

Today we will put a spotlight on PONTIAC. Now what’s interesting about this story is it all came about because of a video reel put together by a videographer from another state. In the hip hop game everyone is a self proclaimed super star. That’s ok because if you don’t believe in yourself who will? But with all the self hype i tend to pay attention when fans speak on things they have no affiliation with. In my opinion that’s when your really buzzing, when random people speak on you.

Enter Shades Vision Tv.  I had to know how all this came together so i asked him a couple questions.

  So how does a videographer from North Carolina end up putting together a reel on Pontiac artists?

I Actually Did a Flint Michigan List where I Featured Dro Skino & He Later Let Me Know That he was Actually from Pontiac,

So I Asked him if he would like to see one for Pontiac & he sent me the artists for the first list, And because of that I ended up getting to know more Pontiac artists & couple lists later we are where we are now, it’s still more awesome artists that aren’t on the current list but they will be recognized Very Soon.

  Have you done this kind of feature work before for other cities?

Yes My Very First City is my Home Town Lima Ohio, So Far I’ve done about 20 Cities From states like  Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Louisiana, New York & Wisconsin. 

What are your thoughts on the indie music underground scene nationwide. What are some similarities and what are some differences?

Well I Find that I Like The Underground Rap Scene Much Better than Mainstream, 

I think the style From The Midwest Are Soo Much Different then The Deep South.

Every city Has It’s Sound that people generally cling too. New York has that UK Trap Sound they Brought Out With Artists Like POP Smoke Making Noise Shortly before his passing, then Detroit, Flint, Pontiac Just has that unique sound that surrounding States Like Ohio Illinois try to Imitate because it’s become so Popular. But if I were to say one thing about Pontiac it’s The “ variety” 

For Example 

You got Mark Fay GHG & Sxam Man with the  Melodic Sound

You Got BH True, K Scheming, YakGod Drizz with the story Telling Knowledge Music.

You Got Dro Skino, Mari Red, Tay Stacks with that Detroit Flint Sound.

You Got T. Krueger, Mohawk Roc, Dee Bee with that music that make you Wanna Rob Somebody lol

I could go on Naming Names cause I really am Legitimately a Fan of Pontiacs Talent & I Think They Deserve to Be Mentioned when people think of the Michigan Rap Scene

  What are some of your personal goals over the next 3 years?

I Would Like To Get Most of the City lists done in All 50 States by that time, I know that’s a Long Haul but that’s my Goal, To Connect All Underground Artists too each Other in Hopes To Create a easier Networking System.

After chatting with him i found that his back story is the same as most inner city youth. Losing homies to the streets growing up and being the odd man out as a white kid in what’s considered to be black culture hip hop gave him a sense of peace in a ruff life growing up in Lima Ohio. Shout out to Shades Vision for spotlighting some of the mittens that may not be on most peoples radar. And also big up’s to Dro Skino. Without him sharing names this may not have ever became a reality.

So what we have here is a collection of videos from the city of Pontiac. If you want to dive deeper Shades made it simple to do so making sure all of the names are mentioned in their clips. I was familiar with a handful of the artist featured, but there was quite a bit I’ve never heard of. I cant say I’m surprised as the city of Pontiac always had some talented artist, producers, and musicians in the city.

I invite you to get familiar with some hot music!

*side note- the first video has no audio due legal issues

Artist featured

Pontiacmade ddg

Mark Fay

Dro skino

Dee bee

G stacks

Mari red

D law

Tay stacks

Bh true

Baby nellz

Ro Blakk

King skoonk



Sxam man

K Scheming

Tone Gotti


Yung Jefe

Pink Polo Jay


Money Mays

Grind hard Gang

Drill Gang

Chedda Sleaze

Aye Aye Hen

Cal Commas

Kid Swoop



Mani Eli

Wayne Jay

The Squids


TNL Sosa

Blue Strip Young


OTW Jones


Pontiac Nutt




DETROIT INVADES GUADELOUPE SUN Festival Sept 3rd thru the 5th




How can you be a artist and don’t enjoy rocking the stage? How can you get a “BUZZ” without leaving your city?

A huge thank you is in order for Hale Management’s Chuck “Luck” Riley. Chuck was a important part of this Festival taking place and making sure the city of Detroit was represented properly. The three day festival includes Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Reggae, Techno, Dance as well as food and art. Guadeloupe a French overseas region, is an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea.

Artist catching the flight to perform include The World famous DJ Maestro, World P, King Renigad, Jass Mack, J Murk, Willie Devon, Kyle Simpson, and Dj Drummer B.

keep up to date with the fest by following ig: @guadeloupe_sunfestival

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RAP ROYAL RUMBLE! A sit down with Josef Coney Island





So we just Recently had the “RAP ROYAL RUMBLE” a Rhymin Round Robin? What is this exactly?

     It was a night featuring 4 rappers going song for song for 8 rounds (8 songs a piece)  while SNTNCK mixed the set!  We were set up in a ring and instead of each performer doing a straight set of material we all went back and forth Iike a round robin!
How did you come up with thisRobin!
I love the vibe from cyphers and wanted to bring that feel to a showcase.  This is a perfect way to keep the crowd engaged, give the DJ something more to do than just press play,, and keep the rappers on their toes and at their best by putting them right after eachother.
Is this going to become a regular event?
Every 3 months we will do a RAP ROYAL RUMBLE!  Trading cards included
What went into choosing the artist and producer that participated?
I wanted to bring different talented acts that are sonically diverse and have fan bases that don’t really cross eachother but would like everyone on the bill.  We pretty much decided to do the show about 2 weeks before the event. I wanted to book Isaac Castor at the spot and I ran into him and foulmouth at the 37th Shield Library in Eastern Market (shouts to Lord Dru and Dj Psycho), from there I wanted to get Crimson Alchemist on the ticket and had done a couple shows this year already with Dango Forlaine so reaching out to them was real easy… in fact Crimson Alchemist was also at the record store while we were there.  The whole thing was booked in under 30 mins…
The graphic aspect was dope, how did that all come about?
I sat with my designer Kyi from Kyiros Media and explained the vibe I was looking for sent a few reference pics and let them take It from there… we are currently working out the rules for the RAP ROYAL RUMBLE trading card game.
What can we expect in the future from the creatives that put all this together?
First Fridays at the Co.Lab will feature hip-hop shows- release partys, open mic game shows, and of course the RAP ROYAL RUMBLE.  Every third Thursday will be the Cypher. And we have tons of electronic and other music throughout the month as well.  The Co.lab is located at the  Russell industrial center in building 1 room 135.
I forgot to ask, was there a winner? Who won?
Detroit rap won this one. We all killed it. But to give you a real answer I think Crimson Alchemist  had the edge, I mean she came with a bushido blade, and was the last emcee to spit so by the rules of the royal rumble I’d have to give her the Dub...

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Straight from Italy: New Music Lil Mile hits us with “DENARO” produced by Helluva





Detroit not only put the world on wheels we are also a huge foundation to black music. Most notably hip hop has put the the globe in a chokehold. Detroit artist are touring and making noise. One of the main reasons for this is Detroit producer Helluva. Dont get it twisted for one second the Detroit sound in rap music is not only being sought out nationwide but globally.  Read on as we check in with rap artist Lil Mile from Italy.


1. Whats the hip hop music scene like in Italy?
The Hip-hop music scene here in Italy is expanding and it’s pretty strong. Right now hip-hop is the most listened music genre here in Italy and everybody listen to american hip-hop and italian hip-hop.
2. Is Detroit music popular in your country with fans of Hip Hop?
It’s not as popular as it should be but a lot of people listen to Detroit artists like Big Sean, Tee Grizzley, 42 Dugg, Icewear Vezzo but my goal is to expand Detroit music over here with collabs and big projects.
3. How did you land a single with Helluva?
I always listen to songs that are produced by Helluva, but everything is started thanks to Dawgface Calderon. He is my main american contact and he linked me the legend Helluva. He liked my style so he is in my team too supporting me and believing in this project: to build an hip-hop “bridge” between U.S.A and Italy/Europe. The project is big and this single prod by Helluva is just the beginning.
4. Is there plans to do more work with Detroit?
Yessir! Everything has just begun. As soon as they will open the flights I will fly to Detroit to Dawgface and Helluva to make songs, big collaborations, interviews and to “build this bridge”. As I wrote to you we have big big projects on the way.
5. How do you plan to make an impact here in the US?
I played college basketball in U.S.A. for 4 years and I assimilated the real american hip-hop culture. I made real friendships, connections and contacts because of my hard work and dedication. With Dawgface and Helluva there is a brotherhood first, it’s not just a collab. We are a family, more than a team. I am the first italian with real connections built from respect, loyalty and brotherhood. I sing in english too, my accent is my particularity and I have a unique sound, melodic flow and powerfully honest lyrics. Positivity is my main message of my music, to unify everybody.
6. Who are some other US artists you would like to work with?
I would like to work with a lot of US artists because I respect them. Lil Durk is one of my favorite, I went to his live show back in 2017 in San Diego, I met him and he a real one. Big Sean, Fredo Bang, 42 Dugg, Tee Grizzley, Lil Baby, Rod Wave, Da Baby, Toosii, Roddy Ricch, Kodak Black and many others! in Detroit area too!

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