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Neisha Neshae – Outside Today Remix



Fresh off being featured in an article on Revolt titled “How Detroit Is Becoming The Center of Rap’s Woman Resurgence” alongside Kash Doll, Molly Brazy, and Southwest Mook. Neisha Neshae continues to cement her name as the queen of R&B Trap for the city of Detroit with her newest visual masterpiece “Outside Today (Remix)” directed by Alec Aretakis! If you like what you see & hear be sure to stay up to date with anything concerning Neisha Neshae at her website here. – COMMi$$ION



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Guilty Simpson Announces New Album “Guilt” & Drops Video “Linchpins”




Everything starts somewhere. GUILT, the new album from Detroit’s own Guilty Simpson, started with an urge to grow. These new collaborations with producers and musicians he enlisted approach new territory for the frequent J-Dilla collaborator while remaining one of his most personal projects. GUILT acts as a portal between the listener and Simpson’s Detroit reality, and features tracks laden with live keys, trumpets, guitar, cello, violin, electric bass and drums.
The 7-track project features contributions from Prince Po, Bronze Nazareth and Oh No, with production handled by Kount Fif, Dub Sonata, Maitre D, Bronze Nazareth and Jason Rose. GUILT drops July 29th on Man Bites Dog Records and will be available on Colored vinyl, CD and all streaming platforms
on July 29, 2022.
Check out The New Video “Linchpins” With Prince Po & Dj Ragz. Linchpin: a person or thing vital to an enterprise or an organization; a wedge that holds together unrestrained parts, i.e., a safety pin in a hand grenade. Since first connecting with Dilla, Guilty Simpson has been a Linchpin — a crucial part of holding the Detroit Hip Hop scene together. Father to a spawn of rappers who were influenced in the wake he created, it’s apropos to name a song on his new project “Linch Pins.” The track finds Mr. Simpson in samurai form, sharpening his steel against fellow legendary artist and co-founder of Organized Confusion, Prince Po. Continuing with the theme of “Guilt,” producers Dub Sonata and Maitre D brought in multi-instrumentalist Alex Blum to flesh out a lush string section, while DJ Ragz adds a display of turntablism, polishing off another highlight on the “Guilt” project.

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Coney Island Nick Speed & Ro Spit Drop “WGC” (World Going Crazy) Video





Ro Spit and Nick Speed take listeners on a late night trip with new project Coney Island

DETROIT, MI — In Michigan, especially in urban cities like Detroit and Pontiac, coney island
restaurants are more than just late night diners or hot dog joints. They’re the place friends
gather to catch up, hang out, and make plans. A trip to coney island after a long night out could
very well turn into an adventure or party of its own.
That vibe is exactly what multi-hyphenate creatives Ro Spit and Nick Speed have captured with
their project, Coney Island, a concept album that takes the listener on late night journey to
Michigan’s favorite late night grill.
“Growing up, some of my favorite albums from other cities made me feel like I was right there
with the artists,” said Nick Speed. “I really wanted to make people feel like they were right in
Detroit with some real people from the city every time they listen to the album.”
For Detroit’s Nick Speed and Pontiac’s Ro Spit, collaborating on the project was a very natural
and authentic partnership, as the two have worked together frequently throughout their careers.
Coney Island started with a small idea during the pandemic and expanded into a larger project.
“Partnering with Nick Speed for this project was very organic. Originally, it was only supposed to
be a couple of freestyles during the pandemic, but turned into much more,” said Ro Spit. “This
project has its own sound that traces back to who we are as individual artists. We were able to
take our own sounds, and create something new and refreshing.”
While a trip to coney island may be the album’s theme, it is not the only representation of Detroit
culture featured on the album. The album features 6aamm, SDNY, T. Calmese, Jam Bino, and
Boldy James. Coney Island’s album artwork might feel familiar to many, as it was created by
artist and muralist Sheefy McFly. Traces of Detroit slang and references, and sounds like
ghettotech can also be heard throughout the entire album.
“The album is designed for the listeners to get an authentic Detroit experience with each listen,”
said Nick Speed. “ You will hear our slang, our thought process, our music selection, and what
we believe in — real life situations.”

Stream Album Here

  Check The New Brandon Damon Directed Video “Wgc” (World Go Crazy) Video


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Fatt Father “Party Of 1” Video





Fatt Father brings you another banger off of his recently released “Soccer Dad” album which is produced entirely by Foul Mouth. The visuals for this Fueled By Life & Middle Finger Music provided masterpiece were shot and edited by Augustine Cruz of Envysion Entertainment. “Soccer Dad” is now available on vinyl, cd, usb, and digitally at &

Follow Us On IG: @fattfather @foulmouth313 @casso_envysion_ent @fblmediagroup @middlefingermusic313

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