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Detroit’s own Queen of R&B Trap, Neisha Neshae, fuels the fire of Dre Butterz’ Drop That Flame EP with the release of their track “Issa Fact”. Gassed by a new visual shot and directed by fellow Motor City talent Marty McFly of Fly Visuals, “Issa Fact” turns up the temperature on the BMB Records project.

BMB beat maker/artist Dre Butterz is an intuitive singer, songwriter, and producer with magic running through his fingertips. The sonic genius uses drums, organs, bass guitar and any instrument he can get his hands on to create music and melody that captivate. His is a versatile sound that is catapulting his career as a track master for local.

Neisha Neshae, whose current song “Poppin on the Internet” featuring Rocky Badd, is literally popping on the internet, the streets and the airwaves; speaks fondly of working with Butterz, “I’m really just honored that Butterz thinks of me amidst his creative process and trusts me to mix my passion with his beats…we’re always ready, Issa Fact!”.

Butterz, who has worked a bevy of producers and artists including Details, Ray J, Royce da 9, HBK, Charli Baltimore, Diggy Simmons, Bre-Z, Jhonni Blaze, La Britney, Ice Wear Vezzo, Monica Brown and many more, describes Neisha Neshae as a one of a kind, raw talent. “Working with Neisha is always a dope experience! Just like with our other collaborations, recording and shooting the video for Issa Fact was all good vibes and a flow of creativity.”

“Issa Fact” is the first joint from Drop That Flame a unique project produced and curated by Butterz. The EP features Byran Hamilton, Sam Austin, Ashley Rose, Sino and of course, Neisha Neshae.

Written by Treavion Davenport





The editor finally tells his own story.




Modern independent musicians wear many hats, from guiding the production of the music they love, directing merch and marketing, and working the mechanics necessary to get their music heard. Likewise, content creators have to stay on their toes to contribute consistently; staying in touch with the game and building relationships with everyone in and out of the machine is essential.

Joe Commisso, aka COMMiSSiON, also serves as the editor and webmaster of, creating content that supports and reviews Detroit music. He also supports Detroit acts directly at shows and events, and has been actively performing and preparing his own contribution to the discussion about Detroit hip-hop.

As the new decade opened, Commission released “GROWiNG UP” across platforms and chose to weave a narrative about his past as his first full project.With appearances from VStylez, Kid Vishis, Jonnie Morris, Sin Crawford, and Redman, there is an edge to GROWiNG UP that reflects the struggles that COMMiSSiON encountered growing up on Carlisle Street in Detroit. JRGotTheHits, who helmed the majority of the production on the album, provided him with a synth-heavy soundscape that is sparse enough to allow Joe to do his thing while incorporating a good live feel that should translate well in Joe’s performances.


Standout tracks include “Tell Em,” “Too Much,” and “Flagrant,” where Pontiac’s Sin Crawford drops a notable verse. COMMiSSiON does a great job of maintaining a subtext of growth throughout the tape, and the album climaxes with “Rapper Dad,” where Joe balances music with maintaining his connection with his family.

Overall, GROWiNG UP is a solid project. Making a thematic album for a debut is challenging, as streaming playlists don’t always allow today’s listeners an opportunity to hear records in context. Nevertheless, the songs can stand on their own, and it will be interesting to see how COMMiSSiON and JRGotTheHits continue to build chemistry. As we look forward to future projects (and content) by COMMiSSiON, we can bet that his music will stay true to what those of us who are music multitaskers already know — having balance is the most important thing.

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BayBro – Escape/2AM



BayBro - Escape/2AM

Enter the cinematic adventure immediately ahead with this intriguing clash of two pieces together as one perfectly portrayed. Broken Blanket Media visualize “Escape/2AM” in a way that pulls you into a story well letting the verses poke through from Baybro directly. Baybro has been on a heavy streak of releasing quality records and this mashup is a perfect sonic entree for those who are just tuning in to the emcee for the first time. It’s always fun to see the creativity of a talented artist get a visual that both grabs your attention and allows the song to breathe. The All The Way Free Records artist Baybro is out to be a force to be reckoned with & undoubtedly upon this offering there shall be more to come.


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Lazarus Joins GZA For A Legendary Performance January 28th, 2020 at El Club, Detroit



Released on November 7, 1995, GZALiquid Swords” has stood the test of time in a way very few hip-hop records will ever come close to. Critically acclaimed out the gate, “Liquid Swords” has cemented its legacy in the hip-hop books forever. The Wu-Tang Clan members solo album sliced its way into history and now a celebration of the iconic offering arrives this January 28th, 2020 at El Club in Detroit, MI! That’s not all though, as GZA joins forces with one of Detroit’s own legendary emcees who just finished having one of the most monumental years of his career after hitting the road with Wu-Tang Clan for the 25th Year Anniversary of Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers tours as well as dropping the mega-hits “Leatherface” with Bizarre, Hopsin, & King Gordy as well as “Decapitation Chamber” alongside Ghostface Killah. Yes, Lazarus is coming home for a night not to be missed as he performs alongside GZA for a celebration of “Liquid Swords”. Get your tickets now!

Tickets are on sale now at El Club’s website here: but act fast before you miss out on this legendary evening of performances.

Venue Information:
El Club
4114 Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI, 48209

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