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Its always a given that those who create music, often reflect their creations. That songwriters be as deep and introspective as their songs dictate. NAPPI DEVI, a rapper/ singer/ songwriter from Detroit, who delivers melancholic and introspectiveness as a vocalist and songwriter, as much as he delivers rawness with a rapid fire delivery as a rapper.. He has stories to tell, as we all do. His are more entertaining yes, but he clearly wears his past pain and hopes for the sustaining of a brighter, stable and fruitful life. He is not afraid to put in the work, and is proud of his work and, to share his triumphs

NAPPI DEVI, is a creative. a born creative Virgo who has been into music since his youner days as a High Schooler . Its a safe haven of expression. His style is a blend of natural melodic vocalese. Its street but more poetic and descriptive . He flows between singing his verses and rapping in an effortless emotional flow that gets his message out and makes it easily, and enjoyably digestable. Much like vocalists SiR, Pink Sweat$, and his favorites Brent Faiyaz and Brother Kamau. He makes the kind of music that has a strong message of self reliance and resilience.
2020 as it began, Devearie Williams aka Nappi Devi, saw him Make moves early. An opening slot for Grammy Nominated RocNation emcee , Rapsody that set the tone and heightened expectations. Then COVID hit. But instead of wallowing and following, the Detroit emcee got more into his craft. “Hiphop is changing, but not necessarily in a bad way. The new styles make room for new artists.” says the doule threat Rapper & Vocalist who is adapt at both skills equally. Its his emotional approach to both that give you the best insight into what makes him tick. ” I like where it’s headed, especially knowing I’m not too far off from getting that ticket in. So it’s a vibe to my ears. (some songs & artists). Detroit is home, I feel like a lot of Industry people got their eyes on the city. Its only a matter of time before things really start poppin off.” Introspection is a Big part of not just his music, but who he is and strives to be as a person. He learned this at a young age to be resilient in his own self reliance. He also wants to be known as an artist, who took his career as serious as as his own life.. “I want to be respected as a artist & listed as one of the greats someday. That cool hipster kid who did his best & succeeded. Never gave up even when things were at its worst. Still overcame & rises, victorious.”
Its this focus that took him into and thru 2020 on a mission.. This year alone he has dropped two eps The 8 song Hip Hop Hipster Heavy “7.11” in April. Featruing the single “Muffin” which earned him write ups in National Blogs and which stated: “Devi may be one of the top stars in the musical genre without even knowing it. This cutting-edge, innovative ballad will continue to resonate with fans across a myriad of generations — old and young.” A Great distinction to be recognized and revered in such a way. But as the year 3030 raged on, DEVI got moved to action thru inspiration, and began crafting the 3 song “Mini” EP “NAPPIII” which he dropped in July. These songs served to give him release and relief as we went thru possibly , the worst year on record, for us all. But He decided, to take his personal observations, and create not just music but to up his visual presence as well. With Video treatments of the Lone Banger “Note to Self” and the Jazzy Smooth “5 on 2”, whos video has gained the most numbers of any of his prior videos and in one months time. He in turn has been energized to want more and to do more. He quickly retuned to the studio to create what I think will be a serious game changer, in audio form and visual.. the song called “Namaste”. Namaste, is defines or described as sometimes spoken as namaskar and namaskaram, is a customary, non-contact form of Hindu greeting. In the contemporary era, it is found on the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia and among the Indian diaspora worldwide. The gesture is widely used in the parts of Southeast Asia where Indian religions are strong.  As the the title of his latest new song and video, is mainly about growth. “It’s about all the stress & anxiety I overcame to get where I am today. But the title is a sign of peace & tranquility. Basically trying to forget those dark moments to move into a brighter future.” says the Artist who draws comparisons and inspirations from a multitude of artists like Brent Faiyaz, Michael Jackson, Eminem, Andre 3000, Kendrick, Pierce the Veil, Erykah Badu, and Isaiah Rashad. He is riding a wave making it all count. “This has been a great and productive year . I have been focused …. And came a long way. I feel like I have a new musical direction .. I quit my job for this.” says Devi who is making noise in Detroit and giving people what they want.
A tireless and strong performer who gives an invigorating and human, stage show. Often interacting with the audience as if its a full blown conversation. He would make a great host, as his engagement is what draws in the audience, and his music moves them. He recently performed with a live band for his set for the Annual “Arts, Beats & Eats” Festival. Which due to Covid 19, was held virtually. Devi had a chance to flex his vocals organically and enjoyed every minute of it as did his supporters who gave him a steady audience and has returned for replays of the performance. “Nappi Devi now is a force to be reckoned with. Musically I’ve been hella productive, steady working hard to get ahead. I’m in a more comfortable position as an artist, even in my personal life! “Namaste”, is mainly about my growth. Its about all the stress & anxiety I over came to get where I am today. But the title is a sign of peace & tranquility. Basically trying to forget those dark moments to move into a brighter future. Says the detroit artist who cites one day working with fellow Detroit artist , Sada Baby.. “I like what Sada Baby is doing, I’d love to work with him, even if it was of his style. he says.. Always faithful to the “D”. Nappi Devi will no question hold Detroit down no matter how High he gets. No More Sorrows or Regrets. .


Dillatroit Day 1 2021




The global celebration of music icon James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey continues this February with Dillatroit 2021, the 6th annual Detroit Hip Hop celebration of J Dilla’s life and legacy, presented virtually by The James Dewitt Yancey Foundation, Crazy Noise Productions, SPIN INC, and The Moorish Mudd Show. Hosted by Mudd of 5 ELA, the live stream event features exclusive music videos, live concert footage, dance performances, production workshops, and interviews with Detroit artists and community members.

Dillatroit 2021 debuts Friday, February 19 at 3:13pm, with continuing episodes on Saturday and Sunday also at 3:13pm. Tickets are $19.99.

Dillatroit 2021 is a fundraiser for the James Dewitt Yancey Foundation, the official charitable organization endorsed by Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, the mother of J Dilla, and is coordinated DJ Butter of Crazy Noise Productions. The video production is a debut presentation of The Moorish Mudd Show, a show will explore Detroit culture and community development through the lens of Hip Hop with host Mudd, whose group 5 ELA (5 Elementz) included rap legend Proof and featured production by J Dilla.

Since 2017, SPIN INC has participated in the J Dilla Youth Day events coinciding with the annual Dillatroit concert festivities, providing valuable equipment and DJ workshops for aspiring musicians in the community. This year’s workshops are presented virtually, featuring dynamic mini-workshops from presenters with Ableton, Sweetwater Sound and Roland Corp. Detroit producer Merch Music will give a special Dilla tribute tutorial, plus an exclusive interview with one of J Dilla’s music mentors, P-Funk legend Amp Fiddler.

Exclusive footage for Dillatroit includes a rare interview with Maureen Yancey, a DJ set with DJ Dez Andres, performances by Jessica Care Moore, Phat Kat, Finale, D’etnam, Drew Green, and Dogmatic, interviews with T3 of Slum Village and FORCE Detroit, plus two original dance videos by Body Shop Xperts, choreographed by Damn Della.

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Bruiser Brigade’s Fat Ray Drops “Santa Barbara” Album




Detroit’s Bruiser Brigade Is Back Once Again Dropping More Heat! This Time Around It’s The new album “Santa Barbara” From Detroit Legend Fat Ray! The Album Features Bruiser Wolf And Danny Brown, Also Features Production From Raphy, Crisfantom & Black Milk. Go Purchase The New Album & Support Dope Music!


Click Here To Purchase “Santa Barbara” By Fat Ray

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“PONTIAC” the hidden GEM. Over 30 artist featured!




Detroit is what most people know when you say Michigan, but its not the sole spot that the hip hop culture comes from. Although it has its heavy influence on the cities around it like Inkster, Pontiac, Ypsilanti, and a little further out to cities like Grand Rapids, Lansing, Flint and Saginaw Michigan is like a “TASTE FEST”  for music.

Today we will put a spotlight on PONTIAC. Now what’s interesting about this story is it all came about because of a video reel put together by a videographer from another state. In the hip hop game everyone is a self proclaimed super star. That’s ok because if you don’t believe in yourself who will? But with all the self hype i tend to pay attention when fans speak on things they have no affiliation with. In my opinion that’s when your really buzzing, when random people speak on you.

Enter Shades Vision Tv.  I had to know how all this came together so i asked him a couple questions.

  So how does a videographer from North Carolina end up putting together a reel on Pontiac artists?

I Actually Did a Flint Michigan List where I Featured Dro Skino & He Later Let Me Know That he was Actually from Pontiac,

So I Asked him if he would like to see one for Pontiac & he sent me the artists for the first list, And because of that I ended up getting to know more Pontiac artists & couple lists later we are where we are now, it’s still more awesome artists that aren’t on the current list but they will be recognized Very Soon.

  Have you done this kind of feature work before for other cities?

Yes My Very First City is my Home Town Lima Ohio, So Far I’ve done about 20 Cities From states like  Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Louisiana, New York & Wisconsin. 

What are your thoughts on the indie music underground scene nationwide. What are some similarities and what are some differences?

Well I Find that I Like The Underground Rap Scene Much Better than Mainstream, 

I think the style From The Midwest Are Soo Much Different then The Deep South.

Every city Has It’s Sound that people generally cling too. New York has that UK Trap Sound they Brought Out With Artists Like POP Smoke Making Noise Shortly before his passing, then Detroit, Flint, Pontiac Just has that unique sound that surrounding States Like Ohio Illinois try to Imitate because it’s become so Popular. But if I were to say one thing about Pontiac it’s The “ variety” 

For Example 

You got Mark Fay GHG & Sxam Man with the  Melodic Sound

You Got BH True, K Scheming, YakGod Drizz with the story Telling Knowledge Music.

You Got Dro Skino, Mari Red, Tay Stacks with that Detroit Flint Sound.

You Got T. Krueger, Mohawk Roc, Dee Bee with that music that make you Wanna Rob Somebody lol

I could go on Naming Names cause I really am Legitimately a Fan of Pontiacs Talent & I Think They Deserve to Be Mentioned when people think of the Michigan Rap Scene

  What are some of your personal goals over the next 3 years?

I Would Like To Get Most of the City lists done in All 50 States by that time, I know that’s a Long Haul but that’s my Goal, To Connect All Underground Artists too each Other in Hopes To Create a easier Networking System.

After chatting with him i found that his back story is the same as most inner city youth. Losing homies to the streets growing up and being the odd man out as a white kid in what’s considered to be black culture hip hop gave him a sense of peace in a ruff life growing up in Lima Ohio. Shout out to Shades Vision for spotlighting some of the mittens that may not be on most peoples radar. And also big up’s to Dro Skino. Without him sharing names this may not have ever became a reality.

So what we have here is a collection of videos from the city of Pontiac. If you want to dive deeper Shades made it simple to do so making sure all of the names are mentioned in their clips. I was familiar with a handful of the artist featured, but there was quite a bit I’ve never heard of. I cant say I’m surprised as the city of Pontiac always had some talented artist, producers, and musicians in the city.

I invite you to get familiar with some hot music!

*side note- the first video has no audio due legal issues

Artist featured

Pontiacmade ddg

Mark Fay

Dro skino

Dee bee

G stacks

Mari red

D law

Tay stacks

Bh true

Baby nellz

Ro Blakk

King skoonk



Sxam man

K Scheming

Tone Gotti


Yung Jefe

Pink Polo Jay


Money Mays

Grind hard Gang

Drill Gang

Chedda Sleaze

Aye Aye Hen

Cal Commas

Kid Swoop



Mani Eli

Wayne Jay

The Squids


TNL Sosa

Blue Strip Young


OTW Jones


Pontiac Nutt



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