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This Sunday the biggest producer beat battle of the year is upon us. IT’S MADNESS, MARCH MADNESS! Five rounds of sudden death goodness with a jam-packed evening of tough competition from an onslaught of Michigan’s finest producers. Check out the just-released official bracket above! Well you’re off brewing up predictions make sure your there to witness history being made & grab your roll call tickets here: Presents March Madness 2019 Producer Beat Battle

March 31st, 2019, Doors open at 7 PM

Live @ The Grasshopper Underground

Tickets – $10

22757 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220





Killz Korner Ty Farris



This week we are ft.Ty Farris with his project “Room 39 part 2” and the group Street Life who are the hottest in the city right now.

Ty has hit the streets hard with “Room 39 Part 2″. ( available at ). This is hard hitting street music. I am very involved in the Detroit Music scene and I am here to tell you that Ty has earned his stripes and deserves the accolade of one of Detroit’s best artist. The eastside native has created his own lane and with his producer Trox have provided some griity music to get through a gritty life. This music is a perfect soundtrack of what hood life is about.
Room 39 is 11 tracks of substance, an attribute that is missing from most music that is thrown together nowadays. The mixing and mastering of the songs are excellent and Farris delivers blow after blow of outstanding lyricism and thought provoking punchlines.

I came into this review with my Big Proof ears on and I must say that I am over impressed with the album delivered to my music buzz. with lines like ” I don’t migrate with fly weights, since 98 around niggas that buy weight”. Lines like this stick out to me because if you are from Detroit there is some chance that you have sold drugs before, even if by association. This is just facts. These types of rhymes along with the gritty beats provided by Trox give the perfect soundtrack to a hood adventure.

My fav tracks are “Please Don’t overdose”, “Came a long Way” ft LIL Fame of MOP and 38 Spesh, and my favorite track is “Say my name” which takes me back to the Purple Gang days.

It’s time for me to leave a rating, and I must say that I am biased as a review because I know this mufaka personally. He is actually this asshole on the songs in real life. So for that to be the case its hard for me not to grade his album even harder than I would the average emcee, and i still have to give him 4 and 1/2 tokes. This is good music and I must say that i am proud to announce that Ty Farris is bringing the fire that the streets need in the city of Detroit, Eastside stand up, the boy did something for y’all.

Killz Korner rating 4 1/2 tokes.

The album has been available since July 26th, 2019, and make sure you add it to workout playlist.


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Inspiration comes in all forms. For artists, it breathes into our creative force driving us through our very creations. Sometimes that inspiration comes from familiar places, random situations, or occasionally a “Muse“. With this particular song from BOOSTER X K.O.8.I.E. X AGILE SOCiETY, we are treated with a drum driving, soul packing, musical experience that could metaphorically become its own title in a way. “MUSE” is a blend of talents combined in a mixture that paints it picture sonically.

Preview/Purchase “Muse” Here:

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Who is LYRICALLY ILL? Check the video SAME OLD




Lyrically Ill
Lyrically ILL …  is 17 years old. The name was born in the fall of 2002, founded by Ronald and Terrance Posey. The two decided to quit a former group and start their own, do to a falling out with a group member. In search of a new name for a new crew we went back and forth.
‘The goal was to come up with something phenomenal to define and describe the way we rap”. We were no ordinary rappers at the ages of 16 and 17. We were lyricists, we had punchlines, we had metaphors. So it came down to Terrance saying Lyrically ILL and we decided to roll with it. There was no other way to describe our lyrical talent. So we ran it across our cousin Vincent Hill,  bestfriend/brother Robert Dawson, and bestfriend/brother Germaine Howard. They all loved the name so it became official and those are the original members of Lyrically ILL. Like every crew we had ups and downs and people quit, and people got recruited. As of today Lyrically ILL consists of the bond of love and brotherhood. With original members Ronald Posey/LiL Ron, Terrance Posey/Kyd Doc, Robert Dawson/Rob Daws, and the new recruit of 7 years DaMont’e Posey/Young Tweez.
We are destined and determined to put our mark on the game, get ready cause here we come.

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