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One of Detroit’s most prominent producer slash rappers over the last decade & half of The Black Opera group, Magestik Legend brings us “Mind Woes: The Journey“. A smooth & self produced mini-documentary giving us a glimpse into his life & creation process. With his third full length solo album on the horizon listeners are given a scope into the inner workings of the multi-talented artists upcoming project. Magestik LegendAll This Time” LP drops on 5/11 & is available for pre-order below!





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Da Ruckus – LIFE IS A GAMBLE (Music Video)




Emcee producer HUSH and UNCLE ILL collectively known as Da Ruckus are back with a new video from the LP “Da Unreleased Episode”.
This dark gritty video comes off with VHS vibes as a concept and it’s pretty stellar. Old school crew with an old school recording method.
The duo’s lyrics suggest money is needed and while trying to do things the Dame dash way it looks like they are thinking about doing things the ski mask way.
Nevertheless their outfits say they are willing to put in the work slaying emcees.
Hush recites “I’m just a ghetto kid from the bottom” ILL ask “Yo, you see that emcee?” Hush replies “Yo I spot’em” ILL commands “take’em out!”
Shot By Hatch for Reel Speach Films
Produced by Hush
Danny Boy Records

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Quiet moneyy is an upcoming artist coming straight out of Motown known for his Exquisite wordplay and different type of flow pattern. Quiet moneyy grew up in Detroit Michigan living in various
neighborhoods while being raised by his single mother on the mean Streets of Detroit, looking up to artists such as Tupac Street lord Juan,Shakur, AZ, Nas, and Jay Z he began to write their lyrics down on
paper memorizing them sooner or later he started to write his own lyrics and putting his own words together in his own unique way. April 19th 2021 Quiet Money & DJ Butter released a DJ project called Give em
hell which was all barz and boombap beats showing the world that he can rap on any style of beat. Quiet moneyy is very particular when it comes with working with artists but he did link up with Griselda own Boldy James in a

live Studio session summer 2021, this single is looking to be released this summer 2022 titled “No Face”. Chin up is Quiet Money latest Single which was heavily anticipated by the people. Quiet Moneyy definitely is in his own lane
with versatility and his own sound and personality looking to make a huge impact in the music game globally.

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Djkage hit’s us off with the 3rd edition of the D-Imports Mix Tape series. Fully produced by djkage himself you’ll find over 35 artist dropping lyrics on this 28 song project. Strong promo has been done for this project with the release of a visual every week for the last 2 months. Now that’s how you roll out a record! Peep the latest visual THE CRAFT feat Guilty Simpson and Awesome Dre

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