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Valid Drops “Validtines Day 4” Live Show Video



The show must go on! For the last 3 years, Detroit Emcee Valid Has Held The ValidTines Day Showcase, Which has become a staple event in the Detroit music scene. Due to the condition of the world today, the 2021/4th edition of ValidTines Day is a in studio performance showcased on YouTube!
Staring SoundMind as the live band, the legendary DJ Head, and Valid himself!

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Fatt Father Drops “Gratitude” Video & Single



For many of us, 2020 taught us patience and it taught us thanks. Rapper Fatt Father is no different and presents his newest single “Gratitude.” The Foul Mouth produced track is an open letter expressing Fatt Father’s appreciation for everyone who has supported him throughout his musical journey.

Click Here To Stream & Purchase “Gratitude”

To see the official visual for “Gratitude” just click the link below or search Fatt Father “Gratitude” on YouTube. No matter how you chop it up, everything about this says GROWN! You will find a few additional heartfelt sentiments from The Father below.

Dear Fans, Supporters, and Believers,

Whether you’re a DJ, radio show/podcast Host, journalist or just someone who appreciates dope underground hip hop, THANK YOU!

I appreciate every ounce of love and respect that you’ve shown me over the years. You don’t have to purchase, spin or write about my music, yet you do it in the most organic way possible.

I’m forever humbled and appreciative when I hear one of my songs in your mixes, read an album review online or receive an order for music/merch. Words can’t express how much it means to me, and I did my best to get that across in my song, “Gratitude.”

I just want you all to know that I see you, I appreciate you and I love you for rocking with me all of these years. My family and I are grateful that you chose to come on this journey with us and I can’t wait to see where this road goes.

Yours truly,

Fatt Father

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Nick LaVelle – “Want That” Music Video




Nick LaVelle is the essence of a modern-day R&B artist: singer, songwriter, record label owner, real estate agent and exotic dancer. He’s killing the game and it’s the only way that he knows how. The Aries nation, crooning womanizer is the new wave of music, lifestyle and entrepreneurship through a very exciting, spontaneous and entertaining lens — and it’s just now beginning to all unfold.

Whether it was the extraordinary vocals of LaVelle’s songstress mother around their home or the community of music that he was exposed to while singing in his childhood’s church choir. Growing up behind the pulpit not only sharpened his vocal chops for studio sessions to come, but also ignited a serious desire to consider music not as just something to do on Sunday; but could very well be his lifestyle.

By 2012, LaVelle had garnered enough leverage in the musical streets of The D to start making his own moves to conquer the music industry. Tapping musical peer DX, the producer, the duo gave legs to what was once just a dream and turned into reality – and it sucked! But LaVelle knows that when we reveal, we heal; and that’s just what he did and started anew.

With a fresh look on music, Nick took his process back a few steps, decided to save money, be creative and pre-record his ideas, demos in his car. His determination outweighed his musical naivety and it became his go-to. And if he wasn’t serving up melodies with the engine running, LaVelle was working, a full-time student and also drove two hours from Kalamazoo to Detroit just to hit the stu for a full session.

The unspeakable dedication to his budding career started to take a turn for the better and there was really no stopping the blessings in store! It was while LaVelle was at college that he dropped some new heat and the student body went bananas! With a viral hit song on campus and the support from his brothers in the Iota Phi Theta fraternity, it was up, stuck and never coming down.

With evolution comes adversity and with three baby mamas comes — peace, surprisingly! While loving on his kids, copping the latest foreign and making serious money moves in real estate, LaVelle is using every chance he gets to extend his musical genius while making a difference for his little ones as every Black father desires. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just, Nick LaVelle.

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