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JunesFlow Celebrates Detroit Dance Culture on New Album “Long Live Jit

The best way to go down as a legend in your city is to do what has never been done,
and that is exactly what JunesFlow is up to on the first project of its kind, “Long Live Jit”. The speaker knocking, second single and title track off the project, “Long Live Jit” gets into the undeniable appeal of The Jitterbug, aka The Jit, which is a legendary dance primarily done to Detroit Techno-Music that has spanned the decades.

The album is released through WhatUpDoe Radio, with all production handled by Mark Cooper, with the exception of the Desmond “Dj DDT” Travis-produced “Long Live Jit”. In addition to being the first project of its kind, “Long Live Jit” has the details down to a science as well. From the history lesson to the precise way all songs are engineered to be 3 minutes and 13 seconds long, as an homage to Detroit’s area code (313), “Long Live Jit” will be that project people from around the globe will visit and revisit to get a taste of Detroit. Proving you don’t have to be from a location to enjoy and understand its culture.

The “Long Live Jit” album is available on all major streaming outlets now!
A limited quantity of vinyls will be available soon, plus an instrumental release. Sample the full #LongLiveJit album here: “Long Live Jit” (Full Album)

Source: DJ DDT

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Da iLLAZ – People Under Detroit



Da iLLAZ - People Under Detroit

With pristine execution comes a homage to member illadope’s favorite hip-hop group the iconic People Under The Stairs. Speaking of hip-hop groups here we have the newly formed Da iLLAZ driving home a powerful debut mixtape packaged full of assorted gems. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is that each & every artist lent their abilities in a cohesive and effective way that provides a polished display of efforts.

I’m fresh off my first listen still working my way into the second but off first impressions there’s a lot of greatness to take in here. I will definitely call it early and say this project will certainly be occupying time on my playlist over the summer. There’s a lot to take in here and a plethora of dope features such as Semi Six and Noveliss among others. Also, we’ve got a RAPPIN’ GRANDMA? That’s right! Check out the video above for project titled “People Under Detroit” and catch L.A.Z.’s own mom dropping some stellar bars to kick things off right!

One thing I would also like to mention is the inclusion of crypto wallet addresses that I found on Da iLLAZ Bandcamp page. I’m starting to see more artists embrace the world of cryptocurrency but this was the first time I’ve seen them included on a Bandcamp page! If you’re feeling the tape I’m going to include those below for those who would like to show their support in a Bitcoin sort of way.

Support with Crypto!

BTC: bc1qhs0yutytal24mwjqq43ze78l0z97wjzxq7vumd
LTC: ltc1qqramveyspex0fsxszyxvhyl4mxkmcvay2ej63g
ETH: 0xFDead6D6fE73B515d684E0efe0837627c87B2908
BCH: qprhgmwphculkz36z4vllty8rrzdddzvpy6zecszd7
DOGE: DB3D9Lsz3d6ZCBTsU7V3q9nTXnnafowzEJ

LISTEN TO: Da iLLAZ – People Under Detroit

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KiD Swoop – “Ya Digg” + National Tour



KiD Swoop - "Ya Digg" + National Tour

Serving up a brand new single “Ya DiggPontiac’s fastest rising star KiD Swoop delivers the latest banger to his growing fanbase. Perfect for the summertime drive “Ya Digg” packs a quick two-minute punch of Swoop’s signature catchy flow packed with substance.  Everything is still 2X and for two times the terrific news comes an amazing opportunity for those who’ve been following the movement to catch KiD Swoop live as he announces a brand new national tour. Catch the flyer below for the earliest set of dates & mark your calendars for his arrival!

Stream/Purchase “Ya Digg” here:

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WateRR x Ty Farris – Bulls Vs. Pistons



What’s better than a good old rivalry between two NBA teams in the prime era? Imagine Jordan VS Thomas in rap form, the Bad Boys against the ’90s dynasty that was the BULLS. Well, imagine no longer as the tale of two cities tells itself via two lyrical monsters going back and forth over ten banging records. Make that twelve if you’re copping the physicals – a purchase well spent if you ask me. Yes, Detroit’s own top-notch lyricist TY FARRIS represents the home team, our very own Detroit Pistons as he goes head to head with Chicago emcee WATERR representing the Chicago Bulls. Preview the fire below & take in an old fashioned rivalry with a modern twist for we may not be seeing these two teams in the playoffs with the current state of the NBA but we surely can enjoy these two emcees in champions form on “Bulls VS Pistons“.


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