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Gark Mavigan & Detroit Children’s Choir – “Picture Day”



Gark Mavigan may not be a native himself, however the San Francisco emcee joined forces with the Detroit Children’s Choir in this epic collaboration. “Picture Day” is a feel good song laced with a soulful “College Dropout” vibe reminiscent of a Kanye-esque record. I’ll be honest I had no clue who this guy was searching Detroit hip hop via the recent uploads of YouTube, but these are the kind of finds that re-enforce why I love what I do. Boy can these kids belt out some vocals by the way – & I dig the Chance The Rapper reference, as well as a shout out to mama’s via the choir. It’s hard to be in a bad mood after a few plays of this one. Gark Mavigan’s album is available now on all major streaming platforms.



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