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Export Ghost – “i Promise” Feat. Marv Won


Raw House LLC is the brainchild of beats gordy a dedicated music lover with a passion for bringing great music to life & a goal of changing as many lives for the better as possible. With a starting roster of four talented individuals beats gordy reached out & connected me with the music his team has created for the world to hear. Throughout the plethora of submissions I receive on a daily basis it’s grown harder to stand out to me but as I dug through the Raw House roster it soon became evident that there was something here.

With four different artists one thing that came apparent after listening through was that each has their own sound & each I can see bringing a separate element to the table. It’s a fantastic starting mix that is able to provide different audible experiences well still melding together as the conglomerate. I will also say that the professionalism in the approach from beats gordy also made a strong first impression. In a world of spamming links & an inbox of people essentially “demanding” I check them out it’s always a breath of fresh air when someone is genuinely reaching out. In fact for any artists who might be reading this & are thinking about submitting music not only to DetroitRap.com but any media outlet – a genuine introduction is going to yield much better results than shoving links down throats or tagging posts without any forewarning.

Raw House & team caught my attention & for good reason. Over the next week or so I will be shining a bit of light on each of the Raw House artists starting first with Export Ghost (1/2 of TrXpMXsk). 

photo by Kelli Johnson @kellijphotography

With “i Promise” Export Ghost brings along Detroit mainstay Marv Won who closes the record after a grand opening via Ghost in this boom bap feel good lyrical mastery. I replayed this one a good ten times in a row upon first hearing it & it’s been in rotation since. If you enjoy “i Promise” and are looking for more from Export Ghost you can also tune into “Monks” here: https://soundcloud.com/exportghost/monks

If Export Ghost has got you hitting replay like myself be sure to keep watch as I’ll be diving into the rest of the Raw House roster in the coming days.

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