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The infamous DJ Butter is at again with his next project EAT OR GET ATE.


1.     Everybody’s A Plate (Theme) featuring Supa Emcee, Lil Supa, Guilty Simpson, Kid Vishis

2.     Bout Dat Action featuring Shorty Thorobred, Big Herk, Alexis Allon

3.     Beast from the East featuring Ty Farris

4.     Don’t I Look Like $ featuring Boldy James, Mox, H.N.I.C. Pesh

5.     Wesley’s Back featuring Wesley Valentine

6.     Max Julian featuring Vito Vely, Seven The General

7.     I Never featuring Eddie Stubbles, Kokane

8.     Dream Cruise featuring Lisa Lovecake

9.     1,2,3 to the 313 featuring Nolan the Ninja, Trey Boogie

10.   Cold World featuring The Bully Boys, Trick Trick

11.   Motor City Nino featuring Trey Boogie

12.   I Getz Buzy On Em’ featuring Kool Keith

13.   Make it Bump featuring Part Time Cooks

14.   U Bubble, We Bubble featuring Clean

Nothing like the golden era of Hip Hop, And “Eat or get Ate” puts us right in its hey day. The entire project is slappin with some of Detroit’s greats gracing the track list. Stand out tracks on the mixtape include “I never” feat Eddie Stubbles and Kokaine, 1,2,3, to the 313 Feat Nolan The Ninja and Trey Boogie, Make it Bump feat Part Time Cooks and Max Julian feat Vito Vely and Seven The General.



Lazarus – “You Already Know” ft. Rick Ross & Gucci Mane



Lazarus - “You Already Know” ft. Rick Ross & Gucci Mane

After last years “Decapitation Chamber” feat. Ghostface Killah & “Leatherface” with Bizarre, Hopsin, & King Gordy comes an unexpected collaboration of mass proportions from Detroit’s own Lazarus. Tackling a trap beat Lazarus hits us with a welcomed curveball in “You Already Know” feat. Rick Ross & Gucci Mane. The star studded collaboration offers us a twist in the forever growing story of Lazarus as he brilliantly demonstrates his versatile abilities atop  production by Tez that #LazArmy fans aren’t accustomed to hearing the Doctor/Rapper attack. “Don’t gotta lie, my rhymes tell you what you already know..” is a fitting close and simple explanation of this mega record. Rick Ross & Gucci Mane respectively come with strong verses that perfectly reflect their styles and blend well. Best of all Lazarus’s ability to remain his top notch lyrical self well aiding the hook in a catchy and ear-invasive way packs a punch ready for your car’s sound system to consume.

DETROIT! Catch Lazarus performing at El Club alongside the legendary GZA on 01.28.2020 in Detroit, MI. More info here.

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The editor finally tells his own story.




Modern independent musicians wear many hats, from guiding the production of the music they love, directing merch and marketing, and working the mechanics necessary to get their music heard. Likewise, content creators have to stay on their toes to contribute consistently; staying in touch with the game and building relationships with everyone in and out of the machine is essential.

Joe Commisso, aka COMMiSSiON, also serves as the editor and webmaster of, creating content that supports and reviews Detroit music. He also supports Detroit acts directly at shows and events, and has been actively performing and preparing his own contribution to the discussion about Detroit hip-hop.

As the new decade opened, Commission released “GROWiNG UP” across platforms and chose to weave a narrative about his past as his first full project.With appearances from VStylez, Kid Vishis, Jonnie Morris, Sin Crawford, and Redman, there is an edge to GROWiNG UP that reflects the struggles that COMMiSSiON encountered growing up on Carlisle Street in Detroit. JRGotTheHits, who helmed the majority of the production on the album, provided him with a synth-heavy soundscape that is sparse enough to allow Joe to do his thing while incorporating a good live feel that should translate well in Joe’s performances.


Standout tracks include “Tell Em,” “Too Much,” and “Flagrant,” where Pontiac’s Sin Crawford drops a notable verse. COMMiSSiON does a great job of maintaining a subtext of growth throughout the tape, and the album climaxes with “Rapper Dad,” where Joe balances music with maintaining his connection with his family.

Overall, GROWiNG UP is a solid project. Making a thematic album for a debut is challenging, as streaming playlists don’t always allow today’s listeners an opportunity to hear records in context. Nevertheless, the songs can stand on their own, and it will be interesting to see how COMMiSSiON and JRGotTheHits continue to build chemistry. As we look forward to future projects (and content) by COMMiSSiON, we can bet that his music will stay true to what those of us who are music multitaskers already know — having balance is the most important thing.

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BayBro – Escape/2AM



BayBro - Escape/2AM

Enter the cinematic adventure immediately ahead with this intriguing clash of two pieces together as one perfectly portrayed. Broken Blanket Media visualize “Escape/2AM” in a way that pulls you into a story well letting the verses poke through from Baybro directly. Baybro has been on a heavy streak of releasing quality records and this mashup is a perfect sonic entree for those who are just tuning in to the emcee for the first time. It’s always fun to see the creativity of a talented artist get a visual that both grabs your attention and allows the song to breathe. The All The Way Free Records artist Baybro is out to be a force to be reckoned with & undoubtedly upon this offering there shall be more to come.


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