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Digging In The Crates, Vol. 2


With another week comes another dig! Join me as I go shoveling through the digital crates of past submissions & showcase five of my favorite finds in this weeks edition of Digging In The Crates! Throwbacks & lost gems are on the menu with our first lyrical meal via the likes of hometown emcee J Howw who sent in this raw introspective life rhyme ish way back in 2015. I love when I see these younger artists embrace the art form on some real life rhyming. Forgive me for not knowing him, but this was the first time I heard J Howw & I enjoyed the first track & video he sent “Stay Lowkey” so much I went looking for more. It just so happens the second track I come across “My Generation” featuring Donni Luchi stood out even more to me. An anti-generational social commentary in rap form from 2017, made me decide to start things off a bit different in this edition. I was feeling these tracks so much I’m gonna give J Howw two of this week’s five Digging In The Crates spots. So here goes: the crates prove worthy of another week!

Ahh...refreshing, but now back to searching, scavenging for eardrum gold! As I click, click ,click amongst these digital crates, my next selection brought me to Kenyatta Rashon from Ypsilanti, MI. The singer sent in “Push” feat. Pinnacle Ent. back in 2016! I imagine hearing this one on your fm radio stations & Kenyatta Rashon flexes her vocal range while carrying a great energy across the song. Pinnacle Ent. comes in with a couple verses towards the end & overall bring a close to an enjoyable record.

Kenyatta Rashon – “Push” feat. Pinnacle Ent.
Next up KIDD989 caught my ear with his self produced “Jezebel“. It was the perfect match alongside his smooth flow lacing his own production with the perfect mesh. The somber sample weaves it’s way inside & KIDD989 paints vivid portraits with his bars. Listen below:

Our final dosage, the fifth spot on this weeks Digging In The Crates is courtesy of Detroit hip hop duo kenlowe & Keith Anthony trading verses while Melanie Rutherford provides her soul full assistance. A classic sounding hip hop record to close out the week, “The Good Life” is a song about just that & the talented trio give us fitting closure to this weeks scavenger hunt! Until next time….this has been DetroitRap.Com presents Digging In The Crates! – COMMi$$ION

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