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Digging In The Crates, Vol. 1


Getting started here at DetroitRap.com one of the first things I’ve tackled is digging through the submissions we’ve received over the last couple years. Upon doing so I’ve stumbled over an array of various local talent hidden inside our digital crates. Rather than letting their sounds die off in inbox abyss, I’ve decided to shine some light on these individuals. Over the next month I’m going to highlight five of my favorite finds each week . First up for week one we’ve got a DJ Premier production brought to you via Ann Arbor emcee Tru Klassick. Welcome to Digging In The Crates, Week One!

Tru Klassick – Hit The Alarm feat. S. Delli & GQ

Next up we’ve got Mike Spitz a Saginaw native with “Long Day“. I almost turned this one off to be honest but the hook came in & the song built even more as it went on. I ended up playing it a couple more times after I made it through. Mike’s unique & raspyish voice drives the song & the guitar slides through the background pulling you in.

Ah. That golden era boom bap sound laced over two minutes of Sir Manley production. B. Skyes & E-Will put on for Grand Rapids, MI. Short, simple, & to the point “Watchu Think” is a fast & worthwhile intro into B. Sykes for the unknowing.

Directed by Danny Z + Adam Skorupskas. Adam sent us this track & killer video from one of Bruiser Brigade’s affiliated members Ka$h Tha Kushman. This hard hitting Bulletproof Dolphin produced background lays the landscape for Ka$h to flex his speed alternating delivery & raw lyricism.

Going through old submissions I came across this track which is funny because I’ve got some new heat from John Stone of The Prime Eights to unleash for you soon! In the meantime check out the live band’s “Forevereva eva! An infectious hook with a tiny Outkast sample, live instrumentation, & hype verses tie together this great offering.

There you have it! Week one of digging through the crates. See you next time as I uncover sounds of the Detroit area & save five more local artists from inbox abyss! – COMMi$$ION

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