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COMMi$$ION – “Losing My Brain” feat. Jonnie Morris


July 27th, 2018 – From a previous tale of one girl’s misfortune to an internet commentary in rap form, word slinger COMMi$$ION (Joe Commisso) is back with his third musical delivery of the year. “Losing My Brain” offers up the first collaborative effort via COMMi$$ION having Detroit’s Jonnie Morris known for recent summer releases “Stresses” & “My Money” join in for a sharp witted finishing verse.

Driving the live sounding Blacklight production COMMi$$ION unleashes his storytelling style infused raps throughout the beginning & middle fused by his brain loss tackling chorus. In a slightly different approach from his first two audible servings “Losing My Brain” helps further paint a picture of the upcoming Detroit area emcee.

Losing My Brain” is available on all major streaming outlets here: SongWhip.

Mix via : MIXBYJD

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