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Chris Orrick – “Design Flaw”



Chris Orrick is known for dancing a lyrical line between comedy & tragedy in his records. His upcoming album “Portraits” is the perfect culmination of his emotions, flaws, & insecurities weaved through his musical showcase. Chocked full of talented producers the likes of Apollo Brown, Exile, L’Orange, Onra, Calvin Valentine and Nolan The Ninja he tells stories of struggle & addiction above their backdrops. Here to give us a glimpse of what to expect on the upcoming project is the music video for “Design Flaw” laced over L’Orange production & directed by Malcolm Critcher.

Malcolm had this to say about the video:
 “One thing that has always struck me about Chris Orrick’s lyrics is how deftly they walk the razors edge of the comedic and tragic. For our first collaboration, I wanted to bring this spirit to life. The idea of having a Puppet circling the drain to rock bottom was ultimately born from ruminating on addicts and what role denial plays in their struggle. The Puppet is approaching rock bottom as an alcoholic, but foundation-ally his substance abuse stems from his denial of the fact that he is an inanimate object. I thought this idea was hilarious. I hope you do too.”
“Portraits” drops May 4th Via Mello Music Group. Guest appearances include Fashawn & Verbal Kent.

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DJ Butter presents “Eat or Get Ate”




Eat or Get Ate artwork

The infamous DJ Butter is at again with his next project EAT OR GET ATE.


1.     Everybody’s A Plate (Theme) featuring Supa Emcee, Lil Supa, Guilty Simpson, Kid Vishis

2.     Bout Dat Action featuring Shorty Thorobred, Big Herk, Alexis Allon

3.     Beast from the East featuring Ty Farris

4.     Don’t I Look Like $ featuring Boldy James, Mox, H.N.I.C. Pesh

5.     Wesley’s Back featuring Wesley Valentine

6.     Max Julian featuring Vito Vely, Seven The General

7.     I Never featuring Eddie Stubbles, Kokane

8.     Dream Cruise featuring Lisa Lovecake

9.     1,2,3 to the 313 featuring Nolan the Ninja, Trey Boogie

10.   Cold World featuring The Bully Boys, Trick Trick

11.   Motor City Nino featuring Trey Boogie

12.   I Getz Buzy On Em’ featuring Kool Keith

13.   Make it Bump featuring Part Time Cooks

14.   U Bubble, We Bubble featuring Clean

Nothing like the golden era of Hip Hop, And “Eat or get Ate” puts us right in its hey day. The entire project is slappin with some of Detroit’s greats gracing the track list. Stand out tracks on the mixtape include “I never” feat Eddie Stubbles and Kokaine, 1,2,3, to the 313 Feat Nolan The Ninja and Trey Boogie, Make it Bump feat Part Time Cooks and Max Julian feat Vito Vely and Seven The General.


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What’s Hot On The Streets? Coalition Djs Det Top 10 Weekly Chart




Coalition Dj Top 10 3/19

Coalition Djs Detroit provides a weekly top 10 of whats hot on the streets!

Make sure you get plugged in and take part of their NEW MUSIC SUNDAYS! Tell them your people from sent you

Check out the #1 Song Music Video for  “Detroit to Inglewood”

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"MASTER" which features JRGotTheHiTS & AiRiN ARTiSAN is one of my favorite tracks to hit my headphones in 2019 & it's only the start of what the team has in store.

Here’s some brand new flavor for your ears with an introduction into AGiLE SOCiETY – “MASTER“.  Though new to the forefront in terms of displaying their musical collaborations to the world, AGiLE SOCiETY has collaborated with the likes of Solange, Royce Da 5’9, & Tokyo Vanity from Love & Hip Hop. A collection of songwriters and producers who’ve come together as they call an “eclectic family” this first dosage into the world of their creations packs quite the opening punch. I had a chance to meet some of the team in the past week & was able to witness to creativity first hand. I’m really looking forward to 2019 & seeing it as the beginning of AGiLE SOCiETY’S venture into your listening devices. “MASTER” which features JRGotTheHiTS & AiRiN ARTiSAN is one of my favorite tracks to hit my headphones in 2019 & it’s only the start of what the team has in store.

Stream/Purchase Here:

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