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Welcome to The Hip Hop Locker Room, our new monthly interview series at Starting the year off right we’ve got our first special guest LAZARUS. It’s been quite the year for the Detroit bred lyricist, who’s been repping for the 313 all across the world alongside the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. Accolades include his viral hit “Decapitation Chamber” feat. Ghostface Killah which has garnered over five million downloads worldwide, as well as performing with Wu-Tang at at the legendary Sydney Opera House in Australia. The #LazArmy movement has seen a tremendous amount of growth & as it continues it’s momentum it felt like the perfect time to dig deeper with one of Detroit’s most gifted lyricists.

THE Q & A.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve garnered quite the accolades across your hip hop career ranging from a Discovery channel documentary to unleashing bars in front of an audience inside Russell Simmons own home. Now you’ve got a brand new music video alongside Ghostface Killah for “Decapitation Chamber”. Is there anything still left on your rap career bucket list?

LAZARUS: I just want to keep making good music. It’s been a long journey and I’ve met a lot of my idols along the way, but at the end of it all I want to lay down a legacy and have a catalog of quality work that I can be proud of.

COMMi$$ION:  Speaking of “Decapitation Chamber” in the beginning of the video Ghostface Killah is shown handing over the “keys”.  What did that moment signify to you & how was the experience of working alongside the legendary Wu-Tung Clan member like?

LAZARUS: Ghostface Killah is one of my favorite emcees of all time and he is without question the most aggressive presence on the mic in Hip Hop. To have him say that to me is worth more to me than getting 10 Grammy awards.

COMMi$$ION: You’re not only a rapper but a doctor as well. How have you been able to manage two careers successfully for so long & has there ever been moments you’ve considered abandoning one for the other?

LAZARUS: Doubt has lingered throughout both careers. Because this standard has never been set before, it’s been met with resistance from almost everyone. I had to challenge myself every single day to make this a reality.

COMMi$$ION: As a lyricist in a world of auto tune what drives you to stay true to substance over “dumbing” down and how do you see the industry taking shape in the coming years?

LAZARUS: The current rap scene is trash to me. The standards have lowered so much that subpar emcees are getting praised nowadays. I still sharpen my blades listening to rap music that came out in previous eras. I need substance in my rap.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve been a part of Detroit hip hop scene since the early 00’s championing rap battles over local airwaves all the way to current times collaborating alongside the likes of Royce Da 5’9, Obie Trice, & Swifty Mcvay among others.  Though you currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada you have always stayed true to the 313.  How has Detroit influenced you personally & musically throughout your life?

LAZARUS: Growing up in Detroit and the Detroit Hip Hop scene has molded me to who I am as en emcee. Just as you learn your first language in your early childhood, Detroit was and forever is my stomping ground. Detroit is where I learned to rap, learned to battle and where I honed my skills as an emcee. Being mentored by Royce and D12 has enabled me to be the lyricist I am today.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve been hard at work crafting your next album “Music Is My Medicine”. Outside of a mixtape in 2010 your last album debuted in 2007 with “Chapter One: The Prince Who Would Be King”.  As time has passed & anticipation builds for your new project was there anything in particular you told yourself you wanted to accomplish going into this release?

LAZARUS: I want to release this album when the momentum is absolutely right for it. In the current climate of music, albums are released and then disposed of within 24 to 48 hours. Attention spans are so short nowadays and great music is overlooked because of it. The most effective approach I see now is to release one song at a time with a video and promote it heavy so that it gets the proper promotion and recognition.

COMMi$$ION: You’ve recently taken to the road touring across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand alongside the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. What have been some of the challenges & triumphs during this new journey?

LAZARUS: It’s been a monumental dream-like experience to tour the world with my idols. For them to show me respect and give me guidance on this journey is an indescribable feeling.

COMMi$$ION: Not too long ago you shared a photo from the tour with you rocking a stage in front of 10,000 people. How would you describe what was your going through your head at the moment as you graced the stage?

LAZARUS: It was the biggest rush I’ve ever felt in my life. And the second I got the crowd rocking with me, I knew it was my time.

COMMi$$ION:  Thank you for taking the time out to answer some questions for the readers here at In closing if you could leave fans with only line from any of your records to be etched in their memories which would it be?

LAZARUS: “I’m the sickest, wickedist boogie man like America made of Osama/ Wrap the heads of rap gods around my neck like Anacondas/ Come to take the throne despite your willingness, with honor/ Like Killmonger came to Wakanda to take it from T’Challa/“

So not only did Lazarus get to rock the United States, Canada, & Australia alongside Wu-Tang Clan. He was also a part of a extremely special New Zealand tour date the celebrated the 25th Anniversary of “Enter 36 Chambers“.  A new year is among us, & brand new developments are surely coming from the #LazArmy camp. Until next time, this has been The Hip Hop Locker Room powered by

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Seven Questions With KiD Swoop.




KiD SWOOP has been making waves throughout 2018 with his album “4SoLong” & has rose to become one of the prominent names when mentioning artists from Pontiac, MI. For my latest installment of Seven Questions I chop it up with Swoop about this years releases among other topics. Here we go…

COMMi$$ION: It’s been an eventful year for KiD SWOOP packed full of performances & releases. What are some of the favorite moments for you when reminiscing 2018?
KiD SWOOP: One of my top favorite moments of 2018 was dropping my debut album, “4SoLong” and watching everyone who doubted me crumble into pieces of disbelief. Accumulating over 100,000 streams within 4 months authentically has been a huge success! Moreover, simply knowing and witnessing my life change from what it was just a year ago is a massive blessing, I’m forever thankful for every little step. For the love of SwoopNation you guys keep supporting and I won’t let up, we have a couple more months until 2018 is up so it’s a lot more to be done!
COMMi$$ION: The year isn’t over though. You’ll be performing alongside Bizarre & King Gordy Oct. 27th for the Bizarre Halloween Party & on Nov. 11th at the Cobo Convention Center for the Inferno Hair Show. When it come’s to performing what elements do you find to be most important as you hit that stage?
KiD SWOOP: My Uncle Tony is my main element I can’t stress it enough. Before I ever had fans or supporters he was my number 1 everything. Therefore, once he committed suicide that took a huge toll of me. His last words ever spoken to me were, “Nephew if I’m not here to witness you succeed in this music field promise you will.” I promised him that exactly and I’m forever standing on that leverage. I refuse to keep a chain reaction of my generational curse of settling for 9 to 5s, being a “typical” civilian, and settling for where the world manages to place us. I can’t live the life of struggle I’m used to living anymore, so every time my feet hit that stage and those lights begin to beam off my forehead I give it my complete all until there’s nothing left.
COMMi$$ION: You put out two very different releases this year with your album “4SoLong” followed by the free mixtape “Ruò lǚ”. How would you explain the contrast between these two projects & what drove you to go two different directions in the same year?
KiD SWOOP: That’s a wonderful question and I’m glad you asked. 4SoLong was my breakthrough solidifying my standing ground within the industry. Giving the viewers insight on me as a person as well as a character knowing that I can go from local to global so quickly competing against the greats. 4SoLong is official industry content coming from KiD Swoop himself. On the other hand, you have SwoopieBaby, KiD Swoop’s arch enemy in which is his evil twin. The most clutch thing about SwoopieBaby is he knows when to be sweet and create a Don’t Pick Up The Phone moment, then on the flip side he gets raunchy with a Ruò lǚ moment when things get out of hand. Ruò lǚ came along due to critics believing I was just some sort of laid back artist and dancer who doesn’t want any smoke quote on quote. Little do they know smoke is what I’m definitely all for every bit of it. This mixtape was strictly for my nitty gritty underground following and the raunchy “knuck if you buck” audience. Ruò lǚ is that slide music, down for anything and I’m willing to die tonight music. This is my Hit Em Up, No Vaseline, and Ether directly to the streets. I chose to go this specific direction with two different approaches in one year to prep SwoopNation and the world for my highly anticipated 2nd studio album, “yo, KiD” in which will be phenomenal and include every aspect of music itself! My artistry intellect is on a whole new approach that the industry hasn’t seen, but is highly prepared for and if not so KiD Swoop is definitely breaking the doors and hinges down for so.
COMMi$$ION: When in the lab crafting a brand new record what sort of things do you draw inspiration from during the creation process?
KiD SWOOP: Pain. Pain running deep within my soul draws inspiration because during the struggle creativity was needed to survive. I treat my creation process as if it was me back at 10 years old sitting in a home with no heat, water, or lights and having to think of vast ideas just to get by. Music is universal and unifies, so why not be as open and vulnerable to the audience as much as I can. Vulnerability sells way more than commercial. I just stay true to myself while crafting a new record I refuse to be someone else. SwoopNation follows me and believes in me because of that ya digg.
COMMi$$ION: How do you view the current climate of the industry & if you had it your way what sort of changes would you like to see come together for artists in this digital era?
KiD SWOOP: The climate right now is one tracked minded and filled with clout. Everyone’s thinking with one brain that’s why my generation is so dumb founded. Now, it’s all mind control social media has affected the music industry terribly and continuously fails us everyday. For example, if Drake composes a record speaking on Fashion Nova while throwing a couple trend setting bars or quotes out there and it goes 3x platinum or whatever, the next millennium of artists are going to use the same exact formula just for some sort of status. Knowledge is missed nowadays in Hip-Hop, structure is definitely forgotten, and the sense of bars not even in the sake of intellectual or lyricism wise is obsolete. Bars are no longer needed within these artists anymore which unknowingly places them in this whirlpool or bucket of crabs. That whirlpool is so over saturated that the audience embraces it gravitating these rappers to the top. However, it’s only for the moment, none of these rappers are true artists nowadays and won’t even see a solid 5 year career. The word “rapper” has become so devalued that the music no longer sells itself anymore. That’s why you have payola and all type of paid promotions going on via social media. It’s pathetic that my generation only has 2 artist they consider top tier which is Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, if they decided to retire today for good what would happen? Music would be junkie material in which it already typically is. The damn industry is looking like an ongoing project X party that’s controlled by a Hypnosis Trance. If I had it my way is an understatement because I honestly feel it is my way on my end as an artist. It’s my duty to stay true to myself and give the industry something real, give my generation a voice, give the streets a voice, and give my people a voice. The enemy has been winning for too long, now it’s time for a young jit to show up and show out. Fear is not an option, and being different isn’t going to change I must approach the industry like no other and I will definitely do as told!
COMMi$$ION: Scenario Question: You’ve stumbled across a time machine & can go back in time to be a part of any recording session in history. What artist/album session would you choose to be in attendance for?
KiD SWOOP: Tupac, Michael Jackson, and MC Hammer. Those sessions would be hella lit dipped in some Swoop sauce. Tupac and I record would have some sort of nitty gritty universal approach touching basis with the rural and urban streets. Seriously, Pac would’ve been my ace boon coon for sure! That Michael Jackson collaboration would be wild and filled with inexhaustible energy to the point your great great grandparents would have no choice but to hop out they graves dancing and going crazy. Michael Jackson and Chris Brown are my dancing idols. Furthermore, my joint with MC Hammer would’ve been powerful far as performance wise due to how much energy we both bring to that stage. Those days were just awesome, I honestly feel like I was born before my time definitely.
COMMi$$ION: Thanks for taking the time to chop it up with! Before we finish what can fans or followers of KiD SWOOP & the #SwoopNation movement expect as we look forward into 2019 and beyond?
KiD SWOOP: The industry rise of KiD Swoop and Family & Friends Entertainment. With my 2nd studio album being set to release New Year’s Day, that sums it up right there. These numbers about to triple, we’re aiming for those Grammy boards, that KiD Swoop and Chris Brown collaboration, touring all over, meeting new people and fans, and much more. One very specific milestone everyone needs to look forward for is my film, “One In The Head,” debuting on Netflix and others. Be on the lookout for “yo, KiD” January 1st preorder will be available by November. Time to witness history mark it in your calendars, much love to DetroitRap, HearItNation, ThaMuzikShop, StereoStickman, my family, and SwoopNation!

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Seven Questions X2 With Mark Milez & T-Y & Any Moment Video Premiere



Joining forces for their brand new music video "Any Moment" is Mark Milez & T-Y. The two mash abilities & trade verses sandwiched between Mark Milez effortless transition from rapping to singing on the chorus.

Joining forces for their brand new music video “Any Moment” is Mark Milez & T-Y. The two mash abilities & trade verses sandwiched between Mark Milez effortless transition from rapping to singing on the chorus. Take in the video above well below I had the chance to get to know the artists behind the music for a few questions on this special edition of Presents 7 Questions : X2.


COMMi$$ION: First off, the two of you have combined forces for your brand new song “Any Moment. How did the song come about & what was the inspiration behind the record.

MARK MILEZ:  T-Y hit me up with this instrumental produced by Orlando Wade and the rest was history. From the moment I heard the beat, I had a vision for this song to be a reflection on life. The message is that at any moment, life as you know it can change. So many people are caught up in the fast life, sometimes we need to remember to live for the moment and take it one day at a time.

COMMi$$ION: Have the two of you collaborated in the past or was this the first time, & how did you come to cross paths musically?

MARK MILEZ: This is our first time collaborating on a project. I originally met T-Y when we both performed on a show at Club Bleu back in 2016. I have a lot of respect for his hustle and how he approaches things musically. So, once we got to choppin it up, we knew it was imminent that we link up for a collab.

COMMi$$ION: To Mark Milez, you recently had the opportunity to open up for Wyclef Jean. How was that experience & if you had the chance to perform alongside any particular one artist in the future who would it be?

MARK MILEZ: Opening up for Wyclef was a great experience. My team really stepped it up a notch for that performance. Lately we’ve been incorporating more live instrumentation, back up vocalists and dance choreography. The show had a great turn out and it was nothing but good vibes. After the performance me and T-Y both kicked it back stage with Wyclef. He shared with us some of his wisdom about the game and told us about his experiences touring around the world. Next, he asked me to spit something for him. It might have been one of the most surreal moments of my career. As far as another artist I would like to work with, I’d say Big Sean. Being from Detroit, his journey from being a local artist like myself to becoming successful worldwide has always inspired me.

COMMi$$ION:  For fans who’ve yet to discover the either of you, how would each of you describe your music in a quick elevator pitch to potential listeners?

MARK MILEZ: I really try to make music that anyone can relate to. I’m a diverse artist with being able to both rap and sing so each release I like to come with a different style. On one song you’ll hear me rapping on a lyrical level, the next song might be something for the club, than out of nowhere I’ll drop a R&B love song ballad. I was heavily influenced by 90’s and early 200’s Hip-Hop and R&B so if that is what your into, you will def like my music.

COMMi$$ION: How did the decision to have a music video for “Any Moment” come about, and was their any particularly memorable moments during the filming of it?

MARK MILEZ: We knew right away that this song would be an instant fan favorite and we wanted to paint a picture with the video. Shoutout to Chadex at Steam Factory Media for making it come to life. We had a great time filming at Ambassador cigar lounge in Rochester. It was a fun afternoon, shoutouts to the entire Ambassador crew. We dove into the project with a lot of ideas and as it came together the entire concept kept evolving into something great. Since we came up with the storyline of the distracted driver, we have reached out to public awareness groups who are now supporting the project nationally. Overall the support of everyone involved has been a true blessing.

COMMi$$ION: Lastly what can we expect from the both of you for the remaining of 2018? What’s next for Mark Milez & T-Y?

MARK MILEZ: I have another single dropping mid August called “Summer Nights”. It’s gonna be a summer anthem, so watch out for that. The music video for that single is already in the works as well. Plus You can expect a few more show announcements coming soon. I just wanna give a big thanks to the fans who are supporting everything we do. Your support matters! Stay tuned because I’ve got so much more on the way.

COMMi$$ION: First off, the two of you have combined forces for your brand new song “Any Moment. How did the song come about & was was the inspiration behind the record.

T-Y: Orlando Wade is a cousin of mine that I had recently acquired some special beats from him. Once I sent the beat to Mark, I want to say a day or so later, Mark had a verse and hook completely finished! Once I heard what he had it motivated me to match the energy & relatable lyrics. It was really good and I instantly started writing I want to say we had the song written and ready to record in a couple days. Any Moment is the quickest song, I’ve ever written & recorded up to date. Any moment anything can occur and that is the message behind the song.

COMMi$$ION: Have the two of you collaborated in the past or was this the first time, & how did you come to cross paths musically?

T-Y: 1st collaboration we met at a show I almost didn’t do at Club Bleu in Detroit in 2016. Mark’s ambition, performance, and grind reminded me of my own. We instantly clicked after kicking it at the show and knew we definitely needed to work on something together… the rest is history.

COMMi$$ION:  For T-Y, you had the opportunity yourself to perform at SXSW in Austin, TX. How would you compare the festival environment vs. the local stage?

T-Y: SXSW was an incredible experience again. I would say the festival environment especially SXSW is an limitless opportunity, anything can happen and you never know who’d you’ll meet. I had 8 shows this past March & ended up doing some major networking and getting on Sirius XM Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning. Locally you have to generate your fan base, rally your friends and family to support you and make sure it fits their schedules. Local shows are fun and impactful, but in a festival atmosphere there is more capabilities.

COMMi$$ION:  For fans who’ve yet to discover the either of you, how would each of you describe your music in a quick elevator pitch to potential listeners?

T-Y: I’m unlike anything you’ve heard before, I am universal genre-wise and my lyrics are relatable. I put a lot of time into my message and I make sure my music appeals to the masses. I keep good vibes a lot of people compare my style to Big Sean

COMMi$$ION: How did the decision to have a music video for “Any Moment” come about, and was their any particularly memorable moments during the filming of it?

T-Y: Were fans of the song ourselves actually, so we instantly knew a video was a must! We’ve performed the song a handful of times and every time we get the same overall reaction and response from the audience. We’re excited that everyone is excited about the tracks and we have big plans for it. A memorable moment while shooting, in my opinion, was the random homeless person that started rapping with us on the roof of the parking garage it was just so unexpected yet so funny. Will never forget that

COMMi$$ION: Lastly what can we expect from the both of you for the remaining of 2018? What’s next for Mark Milez & T-Y?

T-Y: Good Question, stay tuned and watch our journey and maybe that’s something you can tell us about. More music More performances More Life ahead

Well, that’s this edition of 7 Questions for now – with a little extra this time around! Be sure to join us next time & a special thanks to this editions guests Mark Milez & T-Y.

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