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We live in a day and age when everyone has an “OPINION” about music and the types of music available via the plethora of online outlets that exist. Here at we prefer to “present the information” and let you decide if it meets your tastes and quality of music. Furthermore, our Owner Uncle P has a wide appreciation for music, and in turn you will not find the typical biases which may exist at other sites elsewhere, here on As Unc often says, “If an artist and/or entity has an obvious fan base, and are out in the marketplace, doing the things it takes to become successful, and making quality music to be consumed by the public. Then they deserve some publicity on Detroit’s home for Hip-Hop/Rap,” In a nutshell, when you think of, think of it as the “go-to-place,” to find out what is going on in the world of Hip-Hop/Rap in Detroit, Michigan.