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Here come’s another stellar preview from the growing Middle Finger Music roster via A Minus & Chanes with “The Last Stage” from the upcoming album “360’s“. Clocking in at around a minute & a half of heat we have A Minus lacing the words to a Chanes directed record. A quick in your face representation of the rapper giving us a taste of what’s to come. “360’s” will have production from Foul Mouth, Nolan the Ninja, J Palm, Chanes, Lord Gulley and more.


Digging In The Crates Vol. 3



The crates are back, crashing into your eardrums with five finds from previous submissions & beyond. In each volume of Digging In The Crates I highlight some of the best discoveries from artists who have sent music our way at some point in time. I’m looking for a unique or creative approach to a song/concept, quality audio, & an overall well put together presentation. Uncover this editions five picks & as always if you hear something dope be sure to share!


Big Papa Mood – I Was Bullshittin EP
Here’s a throwback submission that caught my attention quick. The opener “Back To It” caught my ear right off the bat. Claiming a journey of “rags to humble” Big Papa Mood raps his ass off & gives fives songs of his own in this ep to show a culmination of ten years in the game. He may of been bullshittin, but this is still a dope little project worthy of a listen.

RappinA$$Willz’s raspy voice laced over this somber almost lo fi hip hop sounding instrumental rode out smoothly. I can see this as a good record for the summer with the windows down just soaking in the vibes. The video was a simple but crisp addition & it’s always dope to see a team of support behind an artist. “PurpleLude” earns my second selection on this weeks Digging In The Crates.

RappinA$$Willz – “PurpleLude”

A Gary Vee sound byte opens up to XCEED, an emcee representing New Zealand ( by way of Toronto) letting us all know that just like Gary Vee he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to reach the highest accolades. I spoke with XCEED & also uncovered that he has participated in the BAR WARZ battle league that a lot of you in the area might be familiar with. “Bad Company” is just a sample of this dudes catalog & @XCEED09 has quite the back log of projects for new fans to scour through. Find more here: SOUNDCLOUD
This next one is from acid rapping Detroit legend Esham with this visual money trip “Trust No One“. Sent the March before last – the changing voices of Esham rapping trust issues grabbed my ears & eyes simultaneously. A simple but effective video paired with creative dialogues & a heavy hook. All well drenched inside the song this somewhat video game sound is driving through the background. “Trust No One” however you should trust that this one is worth a listen. Four down & one last find to uncover I must say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this weeks discoveries so far.

Lastly but far from least, ASDR provides my favorite selection of this Digging In The Crates blessing us with some smooth classic hip hop sound. Boom bapperific “Family” is a gem laced over one cold beat – a sampler off his debut mixtape ‘Health, Wealth & Vibe Vol.1‘ which can be found here. The Michigan based lyricist is certainly sounding polished with this particular sample, & hence this submission got sent in nearly a year ago I will certainly be scouring for more examples of this mans work. In closing here is ASDR with some eardrum magic, & thank you again for tuning into another chapter of Digging In The Crates.COMMi$$ION

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