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SUPA EMCEE – One More Try ft. Alexis Allon


Enter the latest video from the lyrical legend of SUPA EMCEE, one of Detroit’s finest word weaving warriors. “One More Try” encapsulates a message of second chances for all humans on this planetary chunk we all come home. Aided by the soothing sounds of Alexis Allon lending her vocal tendencies, the single gives a glimpse into the incoming offering “MY WORDS TRANSLATED INTO MUSIC:the over seas project//Detroit to Innsbruck“. “One More Try” is given it’s fitting musical backdrop via the production of TOBY T-ROLLA STURM. Grab the single on iTunes/Apple Music here.COMMi$$ION

Also here is an excerpt from the video intro:

“An anthem for the world that every human being deserves a second chance. While listening to this particular work created by the phenomenal lyricist SUPA EMCEE the IMMORTAL: featuring the smooth sounds of Alexis Allon. You will experience encouragement regardless of your race, religion, and or beliefs. “Everyday we are blessed to live is indeed another chance to fight”


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