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Seven Questions With Sam Austins.



On the verge of his first headlining show at EL CLUB in Detroit, MI on April 7th we caught up with Sam Austins on a mission to discover more about Detroit’s rising star! The singer has been on rampage with hit songs like “Right Here 4 U“, “Fenty“, & “FIJI“.  If you haven’t heard the melodic vibes of Sam Austins I might not be mad at you, so long as you promise to check the gems we’ve got lined up below the interview.

Catch Sam Austins next Saturday at his all ages show featuring opening talent Bevlove, Curtis Roach, & Take A Daytrip.  Now onto the latest feature series “Seven Questions” with our very first & talented guest Sam Austins.

Seven Questions with Sam Austins

Headlining your first event, how does it feel to know you’ve made it to this point—and where would you like to see the future lead?

To be in this position, it’s humbling and just a testament to hard work—but it’s still just the very beginning.

If you had to describe ‘Sam Austins’ to fans in one sentence, what would you say?

Sam Austins is for the culture.

During the creative process, is their any particular influences throughout life that you look back on to get inspired?

I’ll never forget the feeling I had going to the ‘Yeezus’ tour, or being the first to download a loose ‘Drake’ track before “Take Care” dropped. Moments like G.O.O.D Fridays, and discovering Toro Y Moi’s “Anything In Return” for the first time. Playing the video game “Rock Band”, leading as the vocals. These times are what made me who I am today so it comes out naturally without me forcefully tapping in.

Being a young up & comer on the scene, is there anything that worries you about the road ahead?

I wouldn’t say anything worries me but I’m more-so anxious. I’m ready for whatever this path has to offer me and I’m willing to kick down all the doors that they have in front of me, if necessary.

How was teaming up with Take A Daytrip & ‘FIJI’ water—and do you have a lifetime supply of FIJI now?

Clicking up with Daytrip is amazing. Those are my brothers and I love working with them. As for me and ‘FIJI’, we’re not affiliated but I heard some of their people like the song!

If you could collaborate with any one established artist in the future who would you choose & why?

I gotta choose Cudi. I appreciate his artistry so heavily and he helped get me through my high school depression. He’s the GOAT.

And lastly, what can we expect in 2018 for Sam Austins in terms of new music?

I can’t say much but know that I’m coming back harder than I ever have. I have goodies for all. Haha.




“Backwoods & Bonfires” Hip-Hop Festival 4.20.2019 @ The Farmhouse



Quite the hip hop experience is headed our way on the first 4/20 since legalization in Michigan. In what without a doubt will be a jam-packed fest full of dope performances & activities comes the “Backwoods & Bonfires” hip-hop festival featuring local stars, bouncy houses, live artwork & even FREE BEER & PANCAKES! Crowdfreak, 50BARZ, & WE ARE CULTURE CREATORS present this glorious day starting at noon for the pre-gamers out there & occupying The Farmhouse on 3733 McKinley in Detroit for the remainder of the day. Dive into the entire roster of talented Cloud 9 stage performers on the official flyer & take in the full details/highlights below!


On 4/20 2019, prepare yourself to experience one EPIC day and night full of fun, music, art and MORE! Featuring Doja Cat, Rocky Badd, B Free, Neishae Neshae & More!! The Backwoods -n- Bonfires music festival will be the greatest event on this side of the Midwest! There will be adult bouncy houses, live artwork, food and more!! With music from some of the best acts in the Detroit area, this event is sure to be amazing from start to finish! 5+ djs, talented artist and one EPIC stage! Come fire up a backwood next to one of our several fire pits and have one hell of a time!
What You’ll Get
  • General admission or VIP
  • What’s included with VIP: free gift bag, access to smoke-and-party barn, free food & drink vouchers, full access to the artist area, where guests enjoy additional free drinks, catered food, and a resting area.

Backwoods & BonFires Music Festival

  • The Music:  Hip-hop acts perform while top Djs spin crazy party sets throughout the day
  • The Performers: Enjoy Music by Doja Cat, Rocky Badd, B Free, Neisha Neshae and more!
  • The food and drink: Grub and drinks will be available for purchase (and free for VIP guests)
  • The extras: live murals created on the spot, fireworks, free alcohol infused hot cocoa bar and adult bouncy houses
Please FOLLOW @Backwoods_and_Bonfire & @CrowdFreak on Instagram for festival updates!

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Kid Swoop – “Little Man, Running Wild”



After a tumultuous impact throughout 2018 with the success of his debut album “4 So LongPontiac’s Kid Swoop is back for another round. Letting off a brand new eight record effort “Little Man, Running Wild” has the bar raiser embracing a new chapter in his rise. From start to finish the EP carries it weight in audible gold, including one of my favorite records of the year so far in the closer “Tribulations” feat Dot2X, Sin Crawford, & Castro. I will have my full review here at soon, in the meantime on this Valentine’s Day forget the flowers – buy your loved one the latest Kid Swoop project, stay home, & enjoy the sounds of “Little Man, Running Wild“.  On top of taking in the new EP new visuals have arrived as an extra treat for #Swoopnation fans with “Don’t Pick Up The Phone” starring Deanna Patch.

That’s not all! We had a chance to hear a little bit of the story behind “Little Man, Running Wild” from the source himself! Here is Kid Swoop giving us an explanation of the latest project in his own words.

“It honestly feel like May 4th, 2018 all over again. Little Man, Running Wild is yet again another celebration and milestone for SwoopNation and I! They really motivated me during the whole creative process, due to how much shade and negativity was being thrown at me by my own city. I overly thank them for constantly tunneling my vision upon the greater prize. Honestly, that’s where the title and cover art came from, being the underdog since a jit led to me running wild seeking for answers, support, love and courage. I’m proud to say SwoopNation led the race and February 14th, 2019 will be the epic finish line of Fury! Don’t just Buy/Stream Little Man, Running Wild take heave to the free game I’m applying.”


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Dillatroit 4 @ The Marble Bar 02.23.19



In celebration of the life of James Dewitt Yancey “Dillatroit 4” brings together an evening packed full of fun & entertainment in honor of his legacy. A star studded line up of performance , a surprise guest, & even a beat showcase with’s own Uncle P. Come out & celebrate one of the greatest artists to ever come out of Detroit at The Marble Bar on Feb.23rd from 9PM -2AM! Special guest + host VSTYLEZ! Take a look below at the entire jam-packed evening paying homage to the late great J Dilla.

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