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Seven Questions With Blizzard

Every year DetroitRap.com helps throw the largest beat battle of the year in the city & 2018 proved no different. As March Madness consumes us – a bracket of producers prepare themselves for the stage in hopes of taking home the championship belt! On March 31rst, 2018 that producer was Detroit native Blizzard. I had the the chance to discover more about this years champion & so of coarse I asked him 7 QUESTIONS to figure out about the man, the myth, the beat battling legend BLIZZARD!

Seven Questions w/ Blizzard

COMMi$$ION: First off congratulations on winning the 2018 March Madness Beat Battle championship belt! What was going through your head after you took home the top prize that night?
BLIZZARD: First, thanks for having me and my fellow competitors made me work for it that night, man! Lol but the main thing that went through my head was it was about time i finally won a march madness belt.
COMMi$$ION: When it comes to preparation for a beat battle what sort of things are you taking into consideration before compiling a list of beats to compete with?
BLIZZARD: The main thing that I take into consideration for battling is the crowd and how can I use my tracks to interact with the crowd Next is usually if i am going to use a clever phrase or something in a track Ive learned that its those little things that keep the music exiting and if the crowd gets a laugh thats always a bonus Afterwards its how my mixes are and then pray lol
COMMi$$ION: For those who haven’t been blessed with the sounds of Blizzard before, can you tell us a little about yourself – when did you get your start in the scene & why beat making?
BLIZZARD: I’m just your friendly neighborhood blizzard I’ve been battling since i was about 18 and going strong I got into my first battle at the bullfrog against one of my mentors x the detective I got started beat making at 13 my dad got me a pro tools bundle and FL studio And being a 13 year old with no money i made my own beats lol but from there it grew as I learned more about the process and then I learned sampling and here I am now.
COMMi$$ION: Growing up who were some of your largest musical influences & when it comes to your own music is their one in particular you feel you’ve drawn the most inspiration from?
BLIZZARD: Growing up my musical inspirations were dre and swizz beatz but since ive been at it now I am hugely inspired by Araabmuzik and Apollo Brown those two guys came from the battle scene and are have made tons of dope records
COMMi$$ION: What’s your favorite piece of equipment you’ve owned or used in the production process?
BLIZZARD: I have not owned any hardware personally but I would have to say an mpc Ive used them off and on never got good at it but its fun to mess around on the pads and have fun chopping samples on those
COMMi$$ION: As I was watching you take on producer after producer during the battle, I noticed you reference DragonBall Z. How often would you say you bring non musical elements into the creative process & of coarse whose your favorite DBZ character?
BLIZZARD: My favorite character is a toss up between Broly and Trunks lol But i use anime as an inspiration sometimes the awesome fight scenes or just even a groove you might hear in a song thats in the show can sometimes get the creative spark going
COMMi$$ION: Finally, you’ve taken home the March Madness belt but there’s still a lot of 2018 left! What’s next for you & what can fans expect in the coming months?
BLIZZARD: Well as of right now I have worked on a single with Big Gov Blame it I have production for Quest Mcody on his album the gosp3l Also mariimomma a dope femcee And crimson alchemist another dope femcee And i got the pistons anthem by a blessing with P.L. And a few things you will be hearing soon that are under wraps And now im finishing up an instrumental album and working on an ep I’m going to step back in the booth and see if i still have it haha! But thanks for having me its a blessing and an honor! Thanks Joe Uncle P and Detroitrap.com

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