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Royce Da 5’9” Delivers With Book Of Ryan.


In a day that was packed full of releases for Detroit hip hop & beyond – without a doubt one release has garnered the majority of the spotlight. A front to back adventure through the lyrical tendencies of Royce Da 5’9″ Book Of Ryan is a deeply personal journey that gives you a glimpse into the life of Ryan Montgomery. A developed, well oiled machine that packs a career into twenty one tracks full of bars, lyrical life flashbacks, & seamless delivery. Book Of Ryan is a defining album full of immense feeling that helps you visualize the stories it tells. Songs like Cocaine, Power, & Amazing are prime examples of Royce diving deep into his personal life with raw & vivid imagery crafted into articulated stories. It doesn’t stop with those three songs either, the whole album carries along fragments & glances into his life. Even when he isn’t the one tangling words together effortlessly others have tagged along to shine as lyrical or singing companion. A feature list containing Eminem, J Cole, Melanie Rutherford, Ashley Sorrel, King Green, Pusha T & Logic amongst others lend some of the best collaborations of the year & help meld Book Of Ryan rather than drag it down. I’m about five listens in at the time of finishing this brief synapse of what I might end up the calling album of the year but I can’t stop listening. Now the year is early & in respect of all other artists we do still have seven months to go. Regardless of what else drops this year though Royce Da 5’9″ has certainly cemented a solid contender in his latest full length effort. Best of all this man happens to be from one of the greatest rap cities in the world – Detroit! Listen, stream, buy, share, but most of all enjoy. – COMMi$$ION

Also available on iTunes/Apple Music: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/book-of-ryan-bonus-track-edition/1360464920?mt=1&app=music

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