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March Madness Beat Battle 2018 Recap & Highlights!


A new year, a new champ, a new story of stories to tell. Throughout the night 22 producers armed with two beats per round battled in a bracket style fight to the finish. Five rounds filled with comebacks, sudden death, & some extremely close calls proved for yet another exciting year of March Madness! This year’s championship belt was brought home by Blizzard after fierce battle including a rematch with the man with multiple lives Deejay Quality. The final four of this years beat battle was unique in a number of ways. You see back in round one 2017’s March Madness champion Chris Wellz surpassed DeeJay Quality, but with two comeback rounds in this years bracket judges gave Deejay Quality that second chance on both of those occasions. Coming back twice in the tournament allowed a back to back duel with this years grand champ Blizzard & the two time survivor DeeJay Quality. Where on one side of the final there was a rematch, the other side brought a clash of the familiar reigning champ Chris Wellz &a newer face Wodii Beats. Proving to be a formidable contender Wodii Beats carried on to ultimately face Blizzard after surviving a sudden death vs Chris Wellz. The final matchup left them choosing their final two selections in hopes of taking home the belt. In the end, crowd reaction & judges alike made way for 2018’s March Madness Champion. Congratulations to Blizzard! I’ll be catching up with Blizzard soon so you can learn more about this years champ with an upcoming dose of my new interview series “Seven Questions” only on DetroitRap.com.

You can see how the rounds leading up the final four played out to the left.
Above we have a video highlights reel courtesy of DJ Kode Red.

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