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Lazarus ft. Ghostface Killah “Decapitation Chamber” Reaches 5 Million Downloads.


If you haven’t heard the lyrical lacerations of “Decapitation Chamber” via the likes of Detroit’s own Lazarus & legendary Wu-Tang member Ghostface Killah you’re one of the few. Performing alongside the legendary Wu-Tang Clan July 27 in LA in the 25th Anniversary show for “Enter the 36 ChambersLazarus was awarded the above plaque for the musical milestone – reaching 5 million online downloads for “Decapitation Chamber“. If your not one of those five million it’s time to catch the track on the “Wu-Invasion World Edition Vol. 1” mixtape or here at DetroitRap.com: https://detroitrap.com/lazarus-ghostface-killah-decapitation-chamber/

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