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Kid Swoop – Ruò lǚ


After delivering the the top album coming out of the city of Pontiac, MI thus far in 2018 “4 So LongKiD Swoop carries us another direction with his surprise mixtape “Ruò lǚ”. Translated into Underdog Swoop gives definition to that meaning throughout the thirteen track project. Technically twelve songs for the outro drops knowledge as an epilogue to the banger driven records. After giving listen front to back a couple tracks come to mind as standout records between KiD Swoop’s signature delivery & well matched production. “Yoppa Poppa”  & “Destination Of Money” are those two songs – different in nature yet melding into the overall project and shining thru as you listen on. The overall vibes bring another consistent and measured effort & it hasn’t even been so long since “4 So Long“! I had a chance to chop it up with Swoop the other night at our DetroitRap.com Media Mixer event & upon conversation it becomes quickly evident that he is serious about his artistry and providing for the true fans. Now with his latest free mixtape packed full of new music it also becomes evident that Kid Swoop isn’t just an “underdog” – he’s one who is poised to become the favorite bringing out a consistent batch of work for day one fans as well as new ears. Enjoy Ruò lǚ.

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