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Gabe Sinclair X Charlie Beans – An Unfortunate Turn Of Events


The team over at FIVE30MUSIC have dropped another sonic treat riddled with “An Unfortunate Turn Of Events“. Those events combine the talents of Gabe Sinclair & Charlie Beans during a five track journey through flossing teeth with razorblades to getting out the mud, to banging off the rooftops throughout the 18 minute adventure. With only one feature along for the short ride via Eden Ivy the overall project relies heavily on the the rapping & singing capabilities of Gabe Sinclair in which he doesn’t disappoint as he drives the short but showing effort. Charlie Beans production compliments Gabe’s alternating flows & singing well etching a fitting backdrop in this quick & worthwhile listen. “An Unfortunate Turn Of Events” is available to stream on all major platforms now. Grab a first listen below!

Twitter: Gabe Sinclair

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