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Foul Mouth – “The Snake Pit” Preorder + “Belle Isle Ridin”


Third times a charm? After a one, two punch of beat tapes under the Producers I Know label Detroit producer Foul Mouth is back at it with a 3rd installment via the platform that has grown his clout! A sneak preview of “The Snake Pit” arrives in the soulful sample soaking instrumental “Belle Isle Ridin“. It’s a grandiose first offering that I’m sure will entice beat lovers to want to dive in for more!

Here’s a description of “The Snake Pit” via Foul Mouth’s team.

The Snake Pit delivers 20 masterfully crafted tracks sewn together by hypnotic soul samples flipped over brooding bass lines and the trademark bone crunching Foul mouth style of percussion. The concept behind The Snake Pit is derived from the legendary Motown Studio A located in Detroit which boasts decades of hit records. Foul mouth’s lab is the new version the Snake Pit pumping out nothing but heat. In a similar fashion of how the Funk Brothers earned their musical chops in Detroit’s jazz and blues clubs, Foul mouth is earning his own and once again proves he is worthy of mention among the greats. The Snake Pit is a front to back no filler or fluff presentation of pure audio narcotics. The Snake pit will be available on June 26th 2018 all digital Platforms, cds and limited cassettes.

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