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Enter Portraits, A Definitive Album From Chris Orrick.

Chris Orrick isn’t afraid to tell you everything he hates, yet the opening verse of Portraits paints an artist who seems to be questioning his position in this world of creators he enters. Not for this era he laments before going on his hate rant & I’d venture to go to bat with that argument in an industry consumed by simple melodies plus a lack of lyrical depth. I would also dare to say I don’t buy that – this year has been a treat for hip hop listeners & Portraits provides a competitive slice of lyricist pie. In fact as I listened to Chris Orrick’s advice & let the music play on I knew this ex-factory worker from Michigan whose been at the lyrical helm for the last half-decade was delivering a definitive album. Formally RED PILL, Chris ditches his old entity & delivers an honest, real life rap, & social commentary infused lyrical portrait of who he is as an artist. Piano pattered productions from a powerful team of producers including Nolan the Ninja, L’Orange, Exile, Apollo Brown, and Onra blend effortlessly into each other & demonstrate the perfect backdrop for Portraits. The element of consistency record to record is one of my largest compliments for PortraitsChris Orrick has seemingly mastered the art of having a sound that defines him. He successfully delivers an album that plays like one enormously long song even on shuffle yet in a rare way each song still carries it weight solo. The first three entree’s of Portraits provide a powerful opening punch & as you move forward it just builds & builds. Fashawn & Verbal Kent arrive as the only two guest appearances both to shine with fantastic verses. All in all Portraits is well worth the listen, & damn near one of the best projects I’ve heard this year.( Surely in my top ten.) If I were to pick three standouts “Design Flaw“, “Bottom Feeders feat. Fashawn“, & “Mom” would top my list with extra props to Nolan The Ninja on “Mom” for having supplied easily one of my favorite instrumentals of the year. Preview “Portraits” below and remember if your down with the sounds to share, stream, or buy the album today to help show your support for one of Mello Music Group’s finest artists & latest offerings. – COMMi$$ION
  1. Self-Portrait (prod. Nolan The Ninja)
  2. Stories (prod. Bruce Wain)
  3. Design Flaw (prod. L’Orange)
  4. The Rubric (feat. Verbal Kent / prod. Calvin Valentine)
  5. Lazy Buddies (prod. Apollo Brown)
  6. Escape Plan (prod. Samarei)
  7. Anywhere Instead (prod. L’Orange)
  8. Bottom Feeders (feat. Fashawn / prod. Exile)
  9. Barfly (prod. Onra)
  10. Jealous of the Sun (prod. Onra)
  11. Mom (prod. Nolan The Ninja)
  12. What Happens Next (prod. Nolan The Ninja)

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