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Detroit’s Rising Rap Catalyst KiD Swoop Presents 4SoLong.

Detroit’s KID SWOOP has been making moves & on Friday the local emcee unleashed his own twelve track album not to be overshadowed amongst a busy release day. I had a chance to preview the album a couple weeks back, & I wanted to get another listen upon release to give myself time to reflect on my initial thoughts. “4SOLONG” confirmed those thoughts for me today – the title track opens the effort finessing one of the few features & giving insight into SWOOP’s sonic style. As the album pushes forward it progresses well with a strong song arrangement that melds each into the next providing a cohesive listening session. Early standout track “Shottas” shines production wise & KID SWOOP flexes his lyricism throughout. “Menace to My City” addresses the city & explains his viewpoints as a whole on the topic while thoroughly tying in his life experience – it’s another standout & provides the perfect halfway point to the album. A mixture of singing & rapping capabilities carry on with “Down & Out” with a hook that is real as fuck but catchy as fuck at the same time. It garners my pick as my favorite cut off the record & luckily KID SWOOP provided the visual treatment. You can watch that video below but the remainder of the album still rides out smoothly. I gave it the car test today & “Do It” & “Sacrifices” both caught my ears during the commute. Overall the whole offering ended up passing my car test & the two track closers bring on the few remaining features. With “Video ChatYSF Cee lends his contributions in another of my favorite cuts & shutting out the album JCasperson & Mose also help out with closing with “Fvckwithme“. As an album I found it a solid offering after a few thorough listens & well it may not be a groundbreaking effort I would say KID SWOOP is breaking ground. For existing fans it’s a polished offering to hear more & for those to come it’s a great awareness record. Certainly more is to come from the the rising rap catalyst so get out there and stream, buy, & share if your down with the record to show your support! In the meantime get to listening below! – COMMi$$ION

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