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Some sixteen slash seventeen years ago when I first began doing graphics for the local hip hop scene I came across One Man Army on a flyer I designed. Always inquisitive I did some research on the web which led to my discovery of Binary Star. The duo of gifted lyricists One Be Lo & Senim Silla built a lasting legacy with classic albums like “Waterworld” & “Masters of The Universe” and carved their names in hip hop history. Fast forward so many years later and One Be Lo is still here repping Binary Star with not one but two albums released just last Friday. Odd that a discovery made from creating a flyer graphic mirrored the discovery I made patching together the simple graphic for this post. When you place the respective album covers for LIGHTY & EARS APART side by side I soon realized immediately that two albums spell “Lightyears Apart” – somewhat obvious yet unrealized until I made the connection. They also form a table across the two images reminiscent of the “last supper” in a creative twist that demonstrates the creativity of thought that is also channeled through One Be Lo’s superior lyrical abilities. The two album project carries a plethora of dope listening for the lyric minded & showcase once again the reason Binary Star’s early works are so deservingly praised.

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