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Founding member of Slum Village, Baatin, has truly been an enigmatic force for Detroit’s Hip Hop scene. Baatin, translated as “The Hidden” passed away in 2009 due to unfortunate events but left 15 tracks under the working title “UNO ZERO.” The recordings found from Waajeed’s Bling47 Group and Los Angeles based OperationX, were later unearthed by LOVETURL, to provide Baatin’s first release in over 10 years.

Don’t Stop” is one of the songs that were a part of the “UNO ZERO” batch, which features production from Darnell Murphy. Today, we are happy to present the music video for the song which was directed by Ruff Mercy. “Don’t Stop” was recently released on all digital platforms as well as 7” vinyl with a remix from Dakim. –


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ALLiTiZ & Beware – Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark



ALLiTiZ & Beware - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Originally dropping in 2018 here is a project that is resurfacing as a movie of the same title approaches later this year. Forget the upcoming movie though, this three-piece storytelling lyrical endeavor hasn’t lost any luster since the original release.  Together emcee ALLiTiZ alongside producer Beware a creepy story marathon that has the two complimenting each other’s abilities in pristine fashion is crafted. Whether giving you the creeps on “Room for One More” or the ominous vibes of “The Green Ribbon” all three of these records offer something different but fitting as a whole. ALLiTiZ impresses with his delivery that has you listening intent on uncovering every detail of the stories he scripts. The team up with Beware is a welcome combination and “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” might just have you begging for a sequel.

Stream/Purchase Here:

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Inspiration comes in all forms. For artists, it breathes into our creative force driving us through our very creations. Sometimes that inspiration comes from familiar places, random situations, or occasionally a “Muse“. With this particular song from BOOSTER X K.O.8.I.E. X AGILE SOCiETY, we are treated with a drum driving, soul packing, musical experience that could metaphorically become its own title in a way. “MUSE” is a blend of talents combined in a mixture that paints it picture sonically.

Preview/Purchase “Muse” Here:

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Da iLLAZ – People Under Detroit



Da iLLAZ - People Under Detroit

With pristine execution comes a homage to member illadope’s favorite hip-hop group the iconic People Under The Stairs. Speaking of hip-hop groups here we have the newly formed Da iLLAZ driving home a powerful debut mixtape packaged full of assorted gems. The wonderful thing about this collaboration is that each & every artist lent their abilities in a cohesive and effective way that provides a polished display of efforts.

I’m fresh off my first listen still working my way into the second but off first impressions there’s a lot of greatness to take in here. I will definitely call it early and say this project will certainly be occupying time on my playlist over the summer. There’s a lot to take in here and a plethora of dope features such as Semi Six and Noveliss among others. Also, we’ve got a RAPPIN’ GRANDMA? That’s right! Check out the video above for project titled “People Under Detroit” and catch L.A.Z.’s own mom dropping some stellar bars to kick things off right!

One thing I would also like to mention is the inclusion of crypto wallet addresses that I found on Da iLLAZ Bandcamp page. I’m starting to see more artists embrace the world of cryptocurrency but this was the first time I’ve seen them included on a Bandcamp page! If you’re feeling the tape I’m going to include those below for those who would like to show their support in a Bitcoin sort of way.

Support with Crypto!

BTC: bc1qhs0yutytal24mwjqq43ze78l0z97wjzxq7vumd
LTC: ltc1qqramveyspex0fsxszyxvhyl4mxkmcvay2ej63g
ETH: 0xFDead6D6fE73B515d684E0efe0837627c87B2908
BCH: qprhgmwphculkz36z4vllty8rrzdddzvpy6zecszd7
DOGE: DB3D9Lsz3d6ZCBTsU7V3q9nTXnnafowzEJ

LISTEN TO: Da iLLAZ – People Under Detroit

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